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Week in review….

My husband and son are in West Virginia having some “guy” action packed time, which means I get some quiet time, but it really didn’t turn out that way. You know, the best laid plans, not so much.

I ended up helping out at work on Wednesday night and spent Thursday in the studio custom dyeing a sweater quantity of yarn and finished at 3:30, which gave me time to pass out on the couch for 20 minutes before I needed to get ready for work.

Then today I practically had to get out of bed and head to the lab to get fasting blood work done and then there were a bunch of errands to do and now I am finally relaxing with the puppy who has been upset do to the lack of cuddling time…spoiled puppy!

On Wednesday night, my friend Michelle gave me the shawl that I asked her to knit with my yarn, Yankee Pride. She chose to do the Magrathea shawlette and it is absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much Michelle!

So pretty and done in the Oyster Colorway.

My weekend is busy as well. A couple of friends and myself are heading to The Mannings tomorrow for their Annual Knit In. You bring chairs and food and you sit around and meet other great knitters and shop and just have relaxing fun. I have a small shopping wish list, some blocking wires and some more dye. I am really looking forward to the relaxing.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and happy knitting!



Pure Joy….

It was a Yankee Doodle kind of week here.

The Yankee Dyer launch party went off without a hitch, finally!! I had such a wonderful time and it was fun to see everyone make sort of a mad dash to the yarn. That gave me joy, pure joy!

My dear friend Sandy made this gorgeous shawl called Alexandra.  She used Yankee Pride in the Butter colorway and it is a real show stopper. You be the judge….

Sandy’s Alexandra

I gently laid it on the grass, but here is the money shot…

So beautiful!

I can’t thank her enough for knitting this beauty and for using my yarn! I hope she thinks of me whenever she wears it. Which won’t be any time soon, we are melting down here!!

These are my Knockout Roses and they just make me happy!! We can all use a little happy in our life!

Stay cool friends and keep on knitting despite the heat!!



My friend Betsy was the first customer of The Yankee Dyer and she surprised my by making this fabulous shawl using my yarn. And she lent it to me for my open house, which looks like will actually take place. Here’s a picture.

It is not the best photo, but you get the drift. To me it has a bit of a Southwest feel going on without screaming, I bought this at a Trading Post. In real life, this yarn, Yankee Pride, knits into a buttery softness that you totally want to cozy up to.

Thank you Betsy for being “First Dibs” and for making this lovely shawl and for letting me show it at the open house tomorrow.

I have lots to do and the clock is ticking….

Happy Knitting Everyone!