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Do I get a re-do??

I had a feeling when I woke up today, can’t quite describe it, but I should have stuck with my original plan of doing some spring cleaning (Mom, stop laughing)!  She is the Queen of Cleaning and I would never think or try to dethrone her.

I had some dyeing to do and I wasn’t really in the mood a lot of it but thought I should do more that what I needed to get out. Well, that was a mistake. The 2 skeins for the customer are fine and beautiful.  The 7 skeins of my 80/10/10 decided today might be a good day to felt!!  Yep, when intentional this is a fabulous little happy thing, when  unintended, a nightmare.  I just couldn’t believe that this had happened.  I sat down and had a good cry, then I phoned a friend and then I ate some potato chips and took a shower. I’d take a picture of the carnage, but it is too much for my heart right now.  Lesson learned, I will listen to my gut the next time.

Tonight is Knit Night and I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  I am bringing my Mystery KAL to show everyone and my Vitamin D, because it needs some love.

Tomorrow Clue #2 is coming out.  I will be up early printing that off and then it’s knitting time.

I am baking a banana bread and the house smells yummy and comforting.

Thanks for listening!

Have a great day,



I have Nupps……

I have to admit that if I reviewed a pattern and saw the word “nupps”, I would avoid it like the plague. Mainly because I had heard other people moan and groan about these mysterious little yarn adventures.

So, having now completed the elusive Nupp, I am ashamed that I have avoided these sweet yarn accents. I had a blast doing them and I think they look great.


Now remember, I kinda stink at taking photo’s, but you can see them. I also completed Clue #1…YAY!!  I can’t tell you how much I loved doing this.


So now that I am caught up on the knitting project, I will again give my undivided attention to the Vitamin D cardigan while waiting for Clue #2.

I also should be dyeing and I think that will take place tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures and I will see you back soon!

Happy Knitting,


Mystery, Mystery….times Two…

See what happens when left to my own devices, I am now committed to, count them, 2 Mystery KAL’s.

The lastest, as of 5 minutes ago, is one by Rosemary (Romi) Hill and it is a semi-circle and Clue #1 came out at midnight.  Now I have to search my stash for yarn that will work…not really an issue!  Have you tried a Mystery KAL?  If so, I would love to hear about what you made and how much you enjoyed it.

A Mystery KAL

Getting my attention this week has been my Vitamin D sweater and it is really taking shape.  I am really enjoying this knit and using my Yankee Tweed yarn is making me very happy.  This yarn lends texture and interest to this knit.

My father in law is in town for the weekend and I have been cooking up a storm because the last time he was here I was dyeing yarn all weekend and did NO cooking and I know that he really enjoys my cooking. Last night was homemade spaghetti sauce and fresh baked bread and tonight it is BBQ ribs, coleslaw, beans and corn bread. I am making myself hungry…

I did an Etsy shop update last eveing! Some beauties you might want to check out at http://www.theyankeedyer.etsy.com


Viajante is a Portuguese word for “traveller”, and a hot pattern on Ravelry right now.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about it when it came out and pretty much had dismissed it as a “not for me” pattern. But then some of my knitting friends were getting jazzed about it and I waited. I waited for people to finish the project and post some pictures.  The pictures were pretty, and I was already smitten about the yarn chosen by the designer, Martina Behm. I was starting to weaken.  I looked at the pattern notes of others and noted the needle size and dismissed it again because of my hand issue. But I went ahead and obtained my prized Wollmeise Lace-Garn for it in a colorway called Amethyst Light. I may have failed to mention that this is done in 1700 yards of lace weight yarn…..insert your cringing face here! I also failed to mentions that it’s knit for a bit on a 2.75 US (3 mm) needle and then the majority is knit on a size #4 US needle.

I have the pattern, the yarn and the needles right here beside me as I type this.  It looks so crazy, but it would be a great public and television knitting project.

I think it will stay on the back burner for a bit. My hand just can’t hold that small of a needle right now and I am making progress and would rather not have a setback now.

Getting my knitting love is my Vitamin D cardigan and I am happily knitting away on it.  This is my first top down sweater and I love that I can try it on as I go.I am using my yarn again, this time I am using my Yankee Tweed in the Wine colorway on Signature needles US #5 and I am loving it. I just might be monogamous with this project.  Here is a sneak peek….

Vitamin D Cardigan byHeidi Kirrmaier

Vitamin D Cardigan by
Heidi Kirrmaier

Please excuse the picture. It is a grey and rainy day and I had to use the flash.

I had planned on hitting the dye pots today, but I much prefer to dye in natural light and today is so gloomy out. So change in plans. I am going to clean up the kitchen and tidy some other neglected areas and then sit and catch up with the rest of the world with Downton Abbey. A friend lent my Seasons 1 and 2 and I have been itching to watch.

Have a wonderful day and I hope the sun is shining where you are!




Hey there, I have pictures….

Line BreakOh, I bet that got your attention! I also enjoy reading blogs that have pictures too! Sometime this isn’t always possible.

I told you I finished my Line Break and I kept forgetting to ask my friend Lynne for a quick photoshoot. She takes the most flatterning photo’s. So here we go…


It really was a fun knit.

Last blog post I had a case of pattern-itis. Well, now I suffering from wanting to cast-on everything in sight. I thought the better of this move.

I will definitely cast-on the Vitamin D sweater this week and possibly another shawl.

Yesterday I went on an outing with my friend which of course landed us somewhere near fiber and I added to my stash some glorious Road to China Light by The Fibre Company. Last weeks lace class with Anne Hanson was fun and informative because she works with some of the most sought after fibers and this was on my list to use with one of her beautiful patterns. What makes up this fiber you ask?? It starts off with 65% Baby Alpaca, then 10% Cashmere and 10% Camel and 15% silk…sounds awful, I know and it feels even worse, wink, wink. I am actually sitting here petting it.

So you see my dilemma right? So many great patterns and exciting yarns, but sadly, just not enough time. Unless I stopped cooking and cleaning and doing the laundry….what a lovely little fantasy I just had. I guess I just need to knit faster and better manage my time. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Happy Knitting,


Line Break and some Vitamins…

I finally finished the beautiful shawl Line Break. I did it in Madeline Tosh Light and I finished it in time for the nip in the air that is coming. I love the pattern and the yarn.

Today I spent a good chunk of time on Ravelry, buying, saving and fav’ing even more beautiful shawls. I am thinking of something with some beads. I did happen to pick up some beautiful beads while in Alexandria last weekend and I keep looking at them and they are speaking to me. My poor hubby was passing by and asked if this is what I was going to do today, my answer, yep, pretty much and I think I may need a nap. He understood the reason for my deep down tiredness and left me to myself.

I am also very smitten with a sweater. I know, I know…I always say, I’m not really a garment knitter, but I got to try this sweater on and it was love at first sight. My friends said it was a great choice and it looked really cute on me. The name of the pattern is Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier and can be found on Ravelry.

I am taking a lace class on Saturday with Anne Hanson at Crazy For Ewe and I was just talking with my friend Sue and she said something about “homework”. I said, I didn’t read anything about homework and then realized that I had forwarded the email to her without actually reading it!!! Why didn’t I read it you ask, well, when I got home yesterday from work, we had a house guest. He was 2 years old and we were in charge of him while his mom was in the hospital having his new baby sister. I forgot how active a 2 year old can be and how unsafe my entire home was, so no, I never went on the computer and if I hadn’t talked with Sue I would be quite embarrassed come Saturday.

This is what I was working on today! I love it!! This is Yarn Harlot bound!!!

So, now that I have confirmed that I do indeed have homework, I am off in search of the right needles and yarn…..! I think Yankee Pride will be perfect….needles are somewhere….I think looking in daylight is my best bet.

I am off to watch some mindless TV, as I have been dyeing all day with wonderful results!!

Happy Knitting and Sweet Dreams!