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Grey, grey and more grey…..

I don’t know about you guys but the grey days are killing me.  I really noticed that December and January have been very bleak to say the least.  On the rare sunny days I find myself literally “soaking it up” as much as possible.  Spring will be here soon, right?

The weather gave New England a wild blizzard named Juno.  I guess the weather folks decided to name ALL storms from now on.  As if they need anything else to fuel their excitement over anything weather related.  I digress…on to knitting.

I went on a knitting retreat 2 weekends ago and had a wonderfully relaxing time. Great company, good food, knitting and chick flicks equals lots of fun.

I finished my sweater and actually wore it.


It is so comfortable and the fit is just perfect.  This is when you are happy that you did a swatch and blocked that swatch.   The pattern is Window to my Soul by  Joji Locatelli.  The yarn is Yankee Stride in the Under the Sea color.  This is the second garment that I have made by her and I really like the way she designs.

I also made this for this upcoming weekend because it grabbed my attention while on vacation this past summer.  I am so fortunate that I will be taking a class with Stephen West and StevenBe at Fibre Space on Saturday.  It will be tons of fun.  Here is Vertices Unite by Stephen West.



As a dyer, you know that color fascinates me.  I used the exact same pink in the lower section to the right.  It is actually a pink and grey stripe and then to the left the same pink is paired with navy.  See how different it looks.  I love it!!  All the yarn is hand dyed by me in Yankee Sole II.  It is a great stash buster and the color possibilities are endless.  It has a lovely i-cord bind off that really gives it a proper finish.  I will be wearing this on Saturday when I meet Mr. West!!  Oh yeah, there will be pictures!!!

I hope that your week is going well.  If you are in New England, I know what you are doing…shovel, shovel, shovel!!

I’ll see you soon!






Please thrill me….

My family and I have been enjoying the Olympic games.  The winter Olympics are by far my favorite.  Snowboarding and figure skating are also high on my list of must see events.

I haven’t done much knitting either.  My current WIP just isn’t thrilling me.  Love the yarn, like the pattern but something is missing.   There is no zip in this project.  You know what I mean about zip.  It’s that feeling of not being able to put it down or you can’t wait to sit down and dig in.  I have none of that for this project….nada, zip, zilch.  What to do, what to do??  Find something else to knit quick.  I saved this draft last night and picked up the knitting in question and noticed that I had made an error.  I was purling on the right side and knitting on the wrong side.  I think that I had double checked that too.

I do, however, have plans for all of this!

Option #1

Option #1

Option #2

Option #2

This is going to be a gorgeous Seed Stitch wrap!  What option do you prefer?  The only difference is that I added a light green skein.

Since my knitting is working against me these days, I have been doing laundry and channeling my inner domestic goddess….well not quite, but things are getting done.

We are expecting another storm today, which has been a weekly event and seems to be our weather pattern this winter.  I hope that the kids don’t use up anymore snow days, but it’s not looking good.

Tonight is knit night, a day early thanks to the storm!  I am wearing my new sweater and it is extremely cozy.  Perfect for this winter for sure.

Stay safe and warm!



Cables and Lace…

Wow, I have been gone for a bit.  Best of intentions on doing a blog post, but I have failed.

I am back for a bit in between making the yarn pretty and my secret project and knitting my first top down sweater!  I am also doing it in a new Yankee Dyer base, Yankee Worsted.  It has a lovely hand this yarn and I have been in love while knitting the sweater.  The pattern is from Tanis Gray and it is called Market Jacket.  Like I said, this is my first experience with a top down construction and I found the directions to be a bit vague.  But with help of another more experienced knitter, success can be had.  My helper and I made some mods to the pattern.  As the yarn-over increases looked pretty, they didn’t provide the structure I thought the sleeves needed.  We also opted for a long-tail cast-on instead of a provisional cast-on as this will give the collar more stability and I am making the sleeves longer.  I adore how this has come out so far.  I have reached the garter edging and am a row away from binding off.  Here is a picture of me trying it on yesterday to check the length.  I have added and 1.5 garter edge to this length.  As soon as I bind off and before the sleeves are done, I will be blocking the body and opening up the lace and cables.


I just adore the color and have named it Chai Latte.  Yankee Worsted in 100% wool and spit splices like a dream.  I see another in a Charcoal color perhaps!

I am still working on the mate to that lonely sole of a sock and am making progress.  I am at the gusset and should be turning the heel while this sweater is blocking.

I also have to tell you that this is my “Baseball Play-Off Sweater”.  I am a HUGE Red Sox fan and the playoffs with Detroit were long and boring for the most part and this sweater just flew off the needles.  It also flew off my lap for several grand slams.  I love October baseball, especially when the Boston Red Sox are headed to the World Series.  Maybe I should start a sweater for that??  Oh the possibilities!!

See you after the blocking!!


My dream sweater…

This sweater has been on my mind for about 2 years and I am starting to get the ich to do it. There are factors that I need to consider. Factor 1, it has to be in one of my yarns and hand dyed. Factor 2, I have to decide if I want to use 100% wool or a Donegal Tweed. I will need to phone a friend…LOL, you know who you are.  🙂

My dream sweater is the Na Craga by Alice Starmore from her fabulous book Aran Knitting. The St. Brigid comes in a close second. This would be a HUGE undertaking, but I think that I am up for the challenge. I figure, why not!

I have to admit that I am in a knitting funk. Nothing that I have on the needles is making me happy. It might have to do with the fact that my hand/wrist is aching and knitting is just painful. Thankfully, I see the specialist on Tuesday.

I have been spending way too much time on Twitter and Ravelry torturing myself and drooling over so many fabulous patterns and then getting bummed out and sitting on the couch and watching TV….bad TV at that. I even forgot to blog. I didn’t think you wanted to hear my knitting woes….

The big sweater project is on hold for a bit. I would love to get some of these knitted items off the needles but the desire is less than zero. I will try to pull myself up by the boot straps.

Happy Friday…