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Fun in Skippack…

Happy 4th of July!

Last weekend Yankee Dyer Yarns spent a glorious weekend in Skippack, PA at Yarnings, an absolutely charming yarn shop.  I met Gayle, the owner, at MDSW and I’m so glad she slipped me her card.  Seriously folks, this is the best part of my job, meeting you the shop owners and knitters.  You never fail to inspire and delight me.

For those of you who know me, driving around these parts hasn’t been my “thing”.  Yes, the traffic is terrible and people are nuts but there is a bigger picture.  But I bought an actual GPS and that made things so much easier and I had my dear friend Sue as my copilot.

Lots of Yankee Breeze.

Mini Bar

Building Blocks

We put together a couple of beautiful combinations for this fun knit by Stephen West.

Morning Trail by Romi Hill in Yankee Breeze

Fairyhill Shawl by Helen Stewart

Yarn, Yarn everywhere.

We had a great time with Gayle, Christine and Margret.   We may be back in the Fall.  Gayle will keep you posted.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend ladies!!




Mix Tape Tour/Football/Cold, in that order…

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  The Northeast is getting more snow and here is the Southeast we had rain and now wind.  And yes, another grey day.

I had a fabulous weekend with a couple of knitting friends as we met up at Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA for the Stephen and Steven Mix Tape Tour.  I have been looking forward to this for a couple of months.  As you can imagine, the spaces were limited so you had to jump on it as soon as it was announced.  I have to give props to Fibre Space and the staff as they were wonderful and helpful and running on fumes I think.

Stephen West is a real sweetheart!  His pictures on Instagram are amusing and entertaining and he is the same in person.  Steven Be was just as sweet and wonderful and a perfect team they did make.  As a dyer, I really appreciated Stephen’s approach to color, which was pretty much, go for it!!  The hours went to quickly, don’t they always!  And that was my Saturday.

Sunday was the big game.  Being from the northeast, you bet I was rooting for the Patriots.  It was a nail biter of a game and I was already feeling a cold coming on, so I pretty much chilled on the couch and knit/napped most of the day.  It’s better to just give in.

Monday, full-blown yuck inserted itself into my life.  I managed to get to the pet store, pharmacy, and grocery store and home again in time to pick up the boy from the bus stop.  I really can’t complain as we all have been healthy up to this.  I prayed that I would stay healthy until Saturday and then it didn’t matter.  That sorta back fired, but I can live with that.

I seem to have cowl-itis.  I bought yarn on our retreat for a cowl in two different weights and while at Fibre Space I bought yarn for 2 more.  One I have been lamenting over and one was pure indulgence…..100% cashmere.  I am  s t i l l knitting on hubby’s scarf and being monogamous.  That is just about killing me but I get the look every time I put it down so it’s best to just press on and finish it.  It’s really a rather handsome scarf and will look wonderful on him.

Did I tell you that the boy is very interested in clothes now?   I can’t remember.  I didn’t see him leave this morning but hubby said he looked sharp.  I can’t remember the last time he was in jeans.  Honestly I think it was his jean overalls when he was a toddler.  He always looked fabulous when I dressed him.  I did buy him some skinny jeans, as was his preference, but they are slim as well and he did look sharp getting off the bus.  So grown up for about a half hour…..sigh!

Here are the pictures from Saturday!

Hugs, Michele







Grey, grey and more grey…..

I don’t know about you guys but the grey days are killing me.  I really noticed that December and January have been very bleak to say the least.  On the rare sunny days I find myself literally “soaking it up” as much as possible.  Spring will be here soon, right?

The weather gave New England a wild blizzard named Juno.  I guess the weather folks decided to name ALL storms from now on.  As if they need anything else to fuel their excitement over anything weather related.  I digress…on to knitting.

I went on a knitting retreat 2 weekends ago and had a wonderfully relaxing time. Great company, good food, knitting and chick flicks equals lots of fun.

I finished my sweater and actually wore it.


It is so comfortable and the fit is just perfect.  This is when you are happy that you did a swatch and blocked that swatch.   The pattern is Window to my Soul by  Joji Locatelli.  The yarn is Yankee Stride in the Under the Sea color.  This is the second garment that I have made by her and I really like the way she designs.

I also made this for this upcoming weekend because it grabbed my attention while on vacation this past summer.  I am so fortunate that I will be taking a class with Stephen West and StevenBe at Fibre Space on Saturday.  It will be tons of fun.  Here is Vertices Unite by Stephen West.



As a dyer, you know that color fascinates me.  I used the exact same pink in the lower section to the right.  It is actually a pink and grey stripe and then to the left the same pink is paired with navy.  See how different it looks.  I love it!!  All the yarn is hand dyed by me in Yankee Sole II.  It is a great stash buster and the color possibilities are endless.  It has a lovely i-cord bind off that really gives it a proper finish.  I will be wearing this on Saturday when I meet Mr. West!!  Oh yeah, there will be pictures!!!

I hope that your week is going well.  If you are in New England, I know what you are doing…shovel, shovel, shovel!!

I’ll see you soon!






Beyond Brrrr..!

Greetings to you all!  I hope you are warm and cozy.  It is rather brutal out there and I’m not even in the part of the country where it is just plain awful.  I will tell you that last nights drive home from knit night was a two hand on the wheel and heated seats kind of ride.  It was so windy and wild that it actually disturbed my sleep.

Yesterday and today have been a bit of a blur.  I have been trying to reorganize my dying stuff (the boys moved everything around “trying to help”, need I say more about that), and actually dye some yarn and take photos and keep the family stuff going.

I have a finished object to show you. The pattern is just a 2×1 ribbed sock but they are in my Crazy Monkey Love color way.  I love them!!  If you want a pair you can find the yarn in my Etsy shop.



My sweater is almost ready to be blocked.  I only have ends to weave in and in for a soak it goes.  I expect to wear it next weekend on our annual knitting retreat to Williamsburg, VA.  I hope the weather is a bit less miserable.  I don’t mind cold but ass freezing, not so much!

I have also been knitting a rather interesting knit by Stephen West.  If you don’t know who he is, just click the link.  I am attending one of his classes at the end of the month and I expect that it will be a BLAST!!

I’ll give you a sneak peek at what I am knitting next time.

Enjoy the rest of your day and stay warm.

Best, Michele

Here’s a close up of the socks!


Finished Objects…..

Describing something that has been hand knit a “finished object” seems a bit irresponsible and slightly disrespectful of something that someone has made with their own two hands.  I hear by dub thee, Objects of Affection!  I think that describes things much nicer.

My friend Paula finished her 2nd Rockefeller by Stephen West….and I tweeted about it and directed it at Mr. West and sure enough, he favored the tweet.  High praise as he is a tough guy to get to acknowledge a tweet.  Think of all that he gets, it must be crazy pants.



Paula used Yankee Sole II in Sherwood Forest and Ink!  A show stopper for sure!!

Next up is the lovely Ms. Cindy and her beautiful Leftie my Martina Behm.  Cindy also chose Yankee Sole II for this sassy knit.  I also tweet this and it got some love from its sweet designer.  I love how Cindy styled her lovely hand knit!!



I couldn’t be more thrilled!!

PS:  I finished the Mystery and it needs a bath, blocking and a photo shoot and then there will be a blog post.

I hope that you all are well!






My stuff…..

Sounds like something a 2-year-old might say, right? This has to be one of my biggest pet peeves EVER. I don’t know how it started. Maybe being the only girl in my family, but nonetheless, I start to quiver whenever someone touches or moves my stuff.

Now I have been married for 15 years, so this is not news to the hubby and yet he continues to mess with me. Let’s just not talk about the child, he has zero respect for anyones stuff. I go out of my way to be respectful of where other people leave their stuff. Even if it ends up in the dog’s mouth where she is happily chewing on it.

As we all know, this is major catalog season and our mailbox and yours have been stuffed with every L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer and Williams-Sonoma catalog. I enjoy this part of the season. I usually sort the mail and put the catalogs off to the side for looking at when I get a chance. This might mean in a couple of days. Then I sit down and go through them and discard most. For some reason, this makes the hubby nuts. Tonight for instance, I was lingering in the kitchen flipping through a Williams-Sonoma and I announced…hey, they have their own Credit Card, boy would that be dangerous. It’s tough living with someone with no sense of humor.

On the knitting front, I have 2, yes you read correctly, 2 finished objects. One is my Easy Fold Poncho from Churchmouse Yarns. I did mine in Rowan Felted Tweed DK in a Teal color and it is heavenly and just right over a sweater for that “not strangled feeling in the car with a bulky coat”.

My second finished object is a hat for my hubby. The pattern is called Windschief by Stephen West. I used Sweet Georgia yarns Superwashed Worsted in Slate Gray and it was immediate LOVE. I really liked this pattern design. It had just the right amount of texture for my hubby. I just made him put it on for a quick photo. See…

The only modification I made was in the length as he wanted it to cover his ears so I added a 1/2 inch to the length. It is really a smart-looking hat. His next one is a surprise.

I decided that it was time to swatch for my Vitamin D cardigan I have been itching to knit. I also decided that it might be a perfect Yankee Dyer project. I am going to use the Yankee Tweed  and I think it’s going to look fabulous.

Here’s to swatching and getting gauge!