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Beyond Brrrr..!

Greetings to you all!  I hope you are warm and cozy.  It is rather brutal out there and I’m not even in the part of the country where it is just plain awful.  I will tell you that last nights drive home from knit night was a two hand on the wheel and heated seats kind of ride.  It was so windy and wild that it actually disturbed my sleep.

Yesterday and today have been a bit of a blur.  I have been trying to reorganize my dying stuff (the boys moved everything around “trying to help”, need I say more about that), and actually dye some yarn and take photos and keep the family stuff going.

I have a finished object to show you. The pattern is just a 2×1 ribbed sock but they are in my Crazy Monkey Love color way.  I love them!!  If you want a pair you can find the yarn in my Etsy shop.



My sweater is almost ready to be blocked.  I only have ends to weave in and in for a soak it goes.  I expect to wear it next weekend on our annual knitting retreat to Williamsburg, VA.  I hope the weather is a bit less miserable.  I don’t mind cold but ass freezing, not so much!

I have also been knitting a rather interesting knit by Stephen West.  If you don’t know who he is, just click the link.  I am attending one of his classes at the end of the month and I expect that it will be a BLAST!!

I’ll give you a sneak peek at what I am knitting next time.

Enjoy the rest of your day and stay warm.

Best, Michele

Here’s a close up of the socks!



Following One’s Bliss….

Lately I have been spending more time at the dye pots and feeling the love.

Jam Mash Up

Jam Mash Up

A lovely knitter sent me this photo of her finished sock and by the time this post, her second had been done for hours.  Thank you Corrine for such a fabulous picture.  I just adore this color way and of course you can find it here.

I am very fortunate to be able to do what I love and get paid to follow my bliss essentially.  I had to unleash the restrictions I put on myself sometimes and go a bit wild and that’s how my new color ways, Pop Rocks, was born.


I think these are so much fun!!  Doing this makes my heart happy!!

In knitting news, I am 2 inches away from being done with the body of my sweater.  I’ve decided that short sleeves may indeed work in the long run.  I’ll keep you posted.

I hope you all are well and enjoying the wonderful weather!

I’ll see you soon!


A lonely sole …..

I was digging looking through my stash and I discovered this tragic situation!


I really felt bad.  It needs its mate!  I will get right on that today!  How could I be so insensitive as to leave it like this??  I checked my Ravelry page and it says it is finished, obviously that was premature!  I love the yarn, it’s Jitterbug and besides my sock yarns, this is a favorite of mine.

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I hope you all enjoy whatever you have planned.

Happy Knitting,


Time management…..

I don’t have to tell most of you that I wear many hats just like the rest of you and making time for all has become a delicate balancing act. Sometimes I fail miserably at dividing myself 8 different way. I am also the first to admit that I kinda suck at time management. This might need to be a New Year’s Resolution..??

My hubby and son did a Duathalon on Saturday and I was as proud as any Mom could be. Bryce did a 3/4 mile run, a 2 mile bike ride, and then another 3/4 mile run. Hubby did a 3 mile run, 10 mile bike, and another 3 mile run. Bryce came in 8th and was only 4 minutes away from first. I was impressed to say the least.  Both slept about 12 hours Saturday night and I was able to continue my mini sock marathon…see….

The yarn is one of my favorites, Jitterbug and we are sailing along…it’s all leg now. Cross your fingers and toes that this guy does not suffer from the dreaded SSS. The SSS is a horrible fate for those who love and knit socks…it’s the Single Sock Syndrome. This one has been on the needles for over a year and tucked away. Next time I cast on for socks, it will be 2 at a time. Enough of the SSS. We want everyone to have a buddy!

I am working on a new project called Dungeness Shawl by Samantha Kirby and it is so sweet I couldn’t resist. I am doing mine in Madeline Tosh Light in Pecan and using a natural color in merino/silk for the contrast. It looks yummy! The picture I took of it against my jeans is not the most flattering. I will take a better photo tomorrow.

I am off to help the boy with his homework and to get some knitting done before I fall asleep.

Happy Knitting!