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Finished Object Alert…

As I look at the calendar and hear my son do the countdown to Santa, I can’t help but feel a little panicked. I am not sure why? I think that all the gifts are bought and just need to be wrapped. I should consult with my list to be super sure. That is one of my favorite parts and usually leave it for last because I love it so.

Maybe the baking is freaking me out? As soon as I post this, I am headed into the kitchen to make the sugar cookie dough. I will do the cutouts tomorrow or Tuesday and decorate with Bryce at some point. Tis the season for royal icing.

I have 2 potlucks to go to at the knit shop this week. One on Wednesday and one on Thursday. I think that has me stressed. What to make, what to make?? Main dish, or dessert?? I will figure it out.

I work at my LYS and the place was busy with knitters and customers getting gifts for their knitter friends today. I love that they know what will make them happy!

I forgot to post a picture of me wearing my poncho. How did that happen? Here I am…


It is definitely public knitting and great TV knitting and you think it will never end, but when it does, viola, you have a really great poncho that is totally light, yet warm. I have been wearing it everywhere and I so love being free from the bulky jacket feeling in the car.

The pattern is the Easy Fold Poncho from Churchmouse Yarns and Tea and I did mine in Rowan Felted Tweed on a US #7 needle.

I am decreasing on the hat and had a bit of a yarn emergency this morning. Nothing a quick Google search couldn’t fix. What did we ever do before Google?? I feel like I am always Googling  or YouTubing something.

My hand is totally killing me, but I refuse to give into the pain. Damn you carpal tunnel, damn you.

I am off to make cookie dough!

Happy Knitting,







Whew, Sunday already, time flies while working in a yarn shop during a massive sale. To say that I am tired would be an understatement.

Some of you might find this little “story” amusing.  You know I now have the iPhone and we have an iPad as well. I am loving the iPhone now, we had to get to know each other better, but we are good. I am going to say again, that I am really tired. So my husband tells me that the gadgets can talk to each other. I think okay, that seems plausible. I have some great photos on my phone that I wanted to transfer to my iPad so I could upload them to Ravelry, so I began hitting some buttons and waiting and nothing happened. So then I put them side by side and thought they might need to be closer, still nothing! I then decide at 11:00pm, that maybe they need to face each other and this is when my husband walks in and looks at me like I am some sort of boob! He asked me what I was attempting to do and I stated, well, I am trying to get my pictures from here to there and you said they talked to each other, so I thought they might need to face each other to do that, but still nothing. I still see no problem with this scenario, except that I am not getting any results. Hubby steps out of the room to laugh and then gives me a cord and says, if you plug the phone into the iPad, you might get better results and then left the room laughing so hard……says it’s the best laugh he’s had all year! You all can picture what went down, right? My kid can operate this stuff better than me and NO, I did not think a cord was necessary……details!!

I have a new favorite pattern that I have been blabbing to anyone who will listen and frankly, it has turned into a future KAL. It is called the Easy Folded Poncho by Churchmouse Yarns and we are doing it in the Rowan Felted Tweed, which was 40% off this weekend at Crazy for Ewe. I was so enthralled, that I bought it in 2 colorways, eggplant and teal.

I just love it!! And the Rowan Felted Tweed makes a beautiful light, but warm fabric, perfect for the car. I know that is warm out now, but this will be my go to garment for the Fall!

Happy Memorial Day and Happy Knitting!