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The Meatball debacle…..

Hi folks..


I have to share a funny story about the weekend that I went to Rhinebeck for the New York Sheep and Wool festival.  I wanted my boys to have a nice dinner on Saturday so I pulled out the crockpot and put the homemade sauce in it the night before so the only thing that hubby had to do was turn it on and later put in the meatballs.  My son’s favorite thing in the world to eat is meatballs.

I have to admit that I am an enthusiastic cook and make pretty much everything from scratch and this included meatballs.  I did the unthinkable and purchased frozen meatballs because I just didn’t have the time to make them and I figured in a pinch it would be fine.  Well, it wasn’t fine at all.

My son asked me if I was trying to kill him??  Dude, I was still in my Rhinebeck coma when he asked and immediately asked, why??  Then the rant began about how bad they were and there were lots of gagging noises to go along with the meatball drama.  I was sitting there with a big cup of coffee and said, “So, you didn’t like them?”….. just to hear the rant one more time.  I got it kid, the meatballs sucked.

I came up with a plan to make a huge batch of meatballs.  I mean two big cookies trays of meatballs and the freezer was going to get involved.  So I stood there rolling meatballs and rolling meatballs.  I baked them.  Threw some in the sauce that was in the crockpot and the rest in the freezer.

Child came home from school and said YUM when he walked thru the door and then did an about face and before he could get the words out I said, YES THEY ARE HOMEMADE!!!!  I feel like we now have a meatball trust issue going on!

In other news, the painter is here and the sunroom is getting its unexpected makeover.  New door, new paint, new carpet and new couch.  Progress is a good thing.

I am back to knitting on the sweater and I seem to be in the 2 inch black hole of knitting.  I hope emerge from it really soon because I want to wear it for Thanksgiving.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  I will see you back here soon!




Rhinebeck 2014

What a perfect place for a Fall wool festival!!  Rhinebeck, New York did not disappoint.  The color was as spectacular on the ground as on the trees.  It was wonderful to see children playing in natures beauty.  I even caught a little guy in a beautiful Baby Surprise Jacket.


It was a  r e a l l y  long day, but worth it in so many ways.  I saw tons of glorious sweaters, shawls, scarfs and hats.  Everywhere I looked I was just in awe of all the beautiful knits.


I took this picture while in line for the Cider Donuts, which were well worth the wait!

I have to laugh because I said to a few folks like Laura Nelkin, I’ll see you there, when frankly it’s hard enough to stay with the people you came with never mind actually finding someone.  But I did literally run into someone and my day, week, year, was made….

Me and The Yarn Harlot

Me and The Yarn Harlot

The look on my face pretty much said it all.  There was a moment captured with any ugly cry on my part.  I am such a goof.  But seriously, what were the odds?

I got to see some lovely alpacas and even a nun with a goat. Yes, you read that right. A nun with a goat.  Too surprised to get a picture of that.



I had a wonderful time and have great memories and photos and hope to go back next year, but for the whole weekend.

Here is a group shot of the group of knitters and friends I went with.


Thank you Rhinebeck for the wonderful day!  I sure hope we meet again next year!

Happy knitting people!!