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On Vacation….

Greeting from the Outer Banks of North Carolina!!!  We are on our annual family   vacation, a little late this year due to schedule issues.  So late in fact, that school starts on Monday.

Before we left I managed to get my son over to his new school for a quick refresher tour and actually met the new principal who was so kind to print off Bryce’s schedule and walked it with us.  We left for vacation more confident about middle school.


This has been a summer of mixed emotions for me.  First was the loss of our beloved cat Chloe and I knit a beautiful lace scarf like a women possessed.  And usually after a project I flounder a bit and waffle about what to start.  Not this time.  I had my next project all picked out and when I had a free amount of time, I dyed my Yankee Stride for the sweater in our Under the Sea color way.  The pattern is Window to my Soul by Joji Locatelli.  It is finally looking like a sweater.


I became immediately frustrated with the set-up row and then the chart.  All end-user error by the way.  I was hell-bent that I would get through it and I had  mixed emotions about the whole thing, but I kept going by having faith in the amount of fabulous success there was on Ravelry.  It was slow going but successful until I hit the proverbial wall.  When I got to Row 8, the directions state, continue in established pattern…..!!  What pattern??  I was only 8 rows in, I need more directions.  Don’t leave me to my own devices…..H  E  L  P!!!  This is where blind faith comes into play and a fair amount of anxiety.  I have my pattern repeats all tidy with stitch markers but I’ve come to a row where they need to come out…WHAT????  Oh snap, I went to bed that night and I had to talk myself down from the edge of insanity.  The sweater sat for about a week, in a rather undeserved timeout.  Of course it was end-user error and lets face it any knitting after 10:00 pm is just futile.

As you can see by the picture above that things are coming along nicely.  Sitting today on our 3rd floor condo with cool ocean breezes provided todays knitting destination.  It was pure heaven.

The boy is driving around in the gold cart he’s been bugging us about since we got here.  Eleven must be a rough age because when he isn’t whining he’s pouting.  I am ignoring both.

I’m off to knit a bit more before they want to do something else.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful week!!



Mystery KAL…..

Ready for some fun?

How about a mystery?


Announcing Yankee Dyer Yarns first Mystery KAL.  I have chosen Rosemary (Romi) Hill’s Mystery shawl pattern. Clue #1 will be released on March 21 st.   She is a fabulous designer with great attention to detail.   I had a blast last year and the shawl was my greatest knitting achievement.  I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Materials Needed:

2 Colors:  1 Light and 1 Dark- 400 yards each

Here are the rules:

1.  You have to purchase the pattern via Ravelry…here.

2.  You have to use Yankee Dyer Yarns for at least ONE or BOTH of the colors.

3.  It would be great to see pictures  of your progress on the Yankee Dyer Fans Ravelry forum…..here.

4.  I will determine an appropriate end date for the prizes and will use a random number generator to choose.

5.  There will be prizes!   Really good prizes.

6.  Have fun!

Once you have decided to participate via our Ravelry group, I will contact you with a Mystery Code to use on Yankee Dyer.

Who wants to solve the Mystery with me??


Holy Cardigan…..

Wow, what a morning!  I usually get on the computer while eating my breakfast and of course, I head to Ravelry to see what’s what in the knitting world today.  Well, today was a big day for Twist Collective and Brooklyn Tweed as they released their Fall 2013 must knits!!  I sat there and drooled for a good 45 minutes, faving and queing cardigans!  This is especially exciting because I just received some worsted weight yarn to dye.  I think it just might be MINE!


I am in a cardigan frame of mind.  I immediately fell in love with a gorgeous cardi by Amy Herzog, pattern is Literati on Twist Collective and immediately bought the pattern!  I already have the buttons from my trip this summer.

I have been knitting shawls for the last couple of years and I still adore them, I just need something meatier to work on and this sweater is exactly what I wanted.  I just ordered some Aran weight yarn that I will dye for myself.  Yes, I will embark on some selfish knitting.

As I type this post, it is 87 degrees out, but it will get colder and a new sweater will be needed.

So what has you excited?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Knitting,


A lonely sole …..

I was digging looking through my stash and I discovered this tragic situation!


I really felt bad.  It needs its mate!  I will get right on that today!  How could I be so insensitive as to leave it like this??  I checked my Ravelry page and it says it is finished, obviously that was premature!  I love the yarn, it’s Jitterbug and besides my sock yarns, this is a favorite of mine.

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I hope you all enjoy whatever you have planned.

Happy Knitting,


Pictures and Progress…

As promised here are the pictures of the twin vertical swift.


And here is the triple skein winder.


It is very exciting to say the least. I have one “screw” left over and I think I will give the company a call.  I don’t think that they gave me any spare parts.  I am really looking forward to using both of these beauties!!

I am also very pleased with my knitting.  I was having a really tough go of it until I literally HAD to read charts, which made knitting so much easier.  If you remember, I was having some issues with some misplaced YO’s.  This is what I had done WRONG…

Not suppose to look like that!

Not suppose to look like that!

And here is the correct picture.


See, all straight and tidy.  Don’t mind that pink yarn, it was and will be my lifeline until I bind this beauty off.  I had pulled a lengthy knitting marathon trying to catch up but just kept making mistakes and tinking back and tinking back,  Then my hand gave the ultimate protest and I was forced to rest it for a couple of days.  It was a good thing.  It gave me time to clear my head and get my confidence back.  I put in a fair about of knitting today and was too tired to begin Clue #4.  I think I will tackle that after a couple of cups of coffee.

In case you are wondering about the pattern, it is A Mysterious Shawl KAL by the very talented Rosemary (Romi) Hill and all can be found on Ravelry.  If you are curious as to what the finished shawl looks like, as I am obviously behind, you can check out her group on Ravelry @Romi’s Studio.  She has a wonderful group and the most fabulous moderators.  If you decide to knit any of her patterns, you can always find help if you need it in her forum.  Her patterns are knitting perfection and I can’t recommend that you try one or all of them.

Hope your day is filled with happiness!


Blew it….

I come bearing bad news…my beautiful mystery shawl KAL has a mistake about 4 inches down with affects the 4 inches up.  I couldn’t believe it.  As one wise knitter in the group said, just because you have the “right number of stitches, does not mean you have the RIGHT  stitches“.  There have been so many twisted stitches that tinking back 4 inches is just painful.  I need to put in a lifeline after Clue 2 and start again from there. So many lessons learned….

Not suppose to look like that!

Not suppose to look like that!

It’s sad really. I put in my emergency call to Sandy and we will get together tomorrow to put in a lifeline and I will resume the knitting process.

Clue #5 came out this morning and it is the lace edging knit on sideways. Just looking at that made me want to do a shot of something. Even a few of the knitters were like, WHAT…??  Rosemary (Romi) Hill is genius with her design elements and I love it all despite my obvious problem.

I have a busy weekend of soccer and BMX and of course, repeat knitting!

Happy Weekend to you all!


New fun….

As you all know, I am doing the Mystery KAL with the @Romi Hill Studio on Ravelry and I am in so in love with Clue #1.  It has been a total blast to see what is going to happen with every row you knit. I am not quite done with Clue #1 yet, but this is what it looks like so far.  Of course, these are my colors…..


I love my yarn choice, Skinny Bugga in the Dragon Tattoo colorway.  I have done so many different types of increases that it feels like I’ve had a refresher course and I just about giggle with every new row. This is nearing the end of Chart D, and then on to Nupps….! I have not done Nupps, so this will be a new experience and I am totally looking forward to it. I am using my Signature US #5 needles with the stiletto points, these will make those nupps easier.  As I always say, stiletto’s in the hands and not on the feet! I am all about comfort.

I so wanted to get back to this after getting my son off the bus, but he reminded me of Spirit night at school so it was homework and off we went. The roast I was going to fix went right back into the fridge for tomorrow.

We were holding our breaths about a possible Vet visit with the pup (she is going to be 3, but she still thinks she is a pup), but our groomer gave me some ideas to try, and they worked and frankly, our checking account thanks you Sharon!!

I am off to knit for a bit…..

Happy First Day of Spring…

(If you still have snow, I am sorry)




Viajante is a Portuguese word for “traveller”, and a hot pattern on Ravelry right now.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about it when it came out and pretty much had dismissed it as a “not for me” pattern. But then some of my knitting friends were getting jazzed about it and I waited. I waited for people to finish the project and post some pictures.  The pictures were pretty, and I was already smitten about the yarn chosen by the designer, Martina Behm. I was starting to weaken.  I looked at the pattern notes of others and noted the needle size and dismissed it again because of my hand issue. But I went ahead and obtained my prized Wollmeise Lace-Garn for it in a colorway called Amethyst Light. I may have failed to mention that this is done in 1700 yards of lace weight yarn…..insert your cringing face here! I also failed to mentions that it’s knit for a bit on a 2.75 US (3 mm) needle and then the majority is knit on a size #4 US needle.

I have the pattern, the yarn and the needles right here beside me as I type this.  It looks so crazy, but it would be a great public and television knitting project.

I think it will stay on the back burner for a bit. My hand just can’t hold that small of a needle right now and I am making progress and would rather not have a setback now.

Getting my knitting love is my Vitamin D cardigan and I am happily knitting away on it.  This is my first top down sweater and I love that I can try it on as I go.I am using my yarn again, this time I am using my Yankee Tweed in the Wine colorway on Signature needles US #5 and I am loving it. I just might be monogamous with this project.  Here is a sneak peek….

Vitamin D Cardigan byHeidi Kirrmaier

Vitamin D Cardigan by
Heidi Kirrmaier

Please excuse the picture. It is a grey and rainy day and I had to use the flash.

I had planned on hitting the dye pots today, but I much prefer to dye in natural light and today is so gloomy out. So change in plans. I am going to clean up the kitchen and tidy some other neglected areas and then sit and catch up with the rest of the world with Downton Abbey. A friend lent my Seasons 1 and 2 and I have been itching to watch.

Have a wonderful day and I hope the sun is shining where you are!




I’m still here…

Greetings! Sorry that I have neglected you but I was ill and then my mom was here visiting for a week and I lost track of you….so sorry.

I have been knitting on that fabulous Warwick shawl in my own yarn, finally. I used my lovely Yankee Stride and enjoyed knitting on this very much! Here is a sneak peek, unblocked…..

warwick1 I love that this looks like a hot ass mess until it is blocked and that is where the magic happens.

Warwick Shawl by Irish Girlie Knits

Warwick Shawl by Irish Girlie Knits

It is by far, my favorite shawl. I did this the Anne Hanson way, no stitch markers and no life lines….I call it knitting on the edge. The pattern was clear and easy to follow and I would have been done in a week but I got a cold/virus thingy that had me down for about 10 days. I mean taking a shower was an “event” and then you changed into fresh jammies and had to rest…that kind of thing.

I actually did the bind off while my mom was here and used my kitchen table for the blocking. Was not the best space, but I was anxious for my mom to see the magic of blocking.

I also joined the Juego Mystery KAL on Ravelry with Laura Nelkin. This was an impulse thing after I finished the Warwick shawl and it requires 40 grams of beads. Yes, you read that right, 40 grams. I am going to have a shawl with BLING! This MKAL starts April 12…can’t wait.

I also acquired some Wollmeise Lace for a project that I will talk about in a future post…..

There have been so many changes since I last wrote, all wonderful and different. I feel lighter and happier than I have in months, so I know that the decisions I made were the right ones. More on this later.

I hope this post finds you all well and happily knitting away!

I would also love to know what you all are knitting on! Inquiring minds want to know.

Happy day,



Patterns, how do you like them?

We have so many ways of storing our knitting patterns these days and so many options for obtaining them. I got to thinking, how do you store your patterns?

I have to admit that I have an iPad with Good Reader but have yet to master that. Whenever I start to fool with it, I get frustrated and think to myself, I could be knitting!

It just so happens that I placed an order recently @JimmyBeansWool and I ordered a pattern. When my package arrived that pattern was on nice heavy paper with a pretty glossy picture on the front and a separate sheet with the chart and I thought, I really like this. My mode of operation is mainly to download the pattern from Ravelry and print it off and put it immediately into a protective sleeve. I need the pattern to be in color too. I keep them all stored in a special folder on my computer just for patterns. I have to admit that I just did this the other day in compliance with my New Year’s resolution to be better organized.

I keep all those patterns in binders and now I need to organize them by project type. I went to the office supply store and there is something very addicting about Staples, I always leave with more than I intended to buy. I have nice dividers now and that seems like a good project for tomorrow.

So, I would love to hear from you all on you pattern storing preference. That means let the comments begin!

By the way, I love it when you guys leave comments, so don’t be shy!!

Happy Wendesday,