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What a wonderful 2012….

I first and foremost want to wish you all a wonderful New Year!! May this and every year be blessed for you all.

The year has gone by so fast, as they seem to do after you have children. I thought I might do a year in review.

The year started off on the rough side for me. I began the New Year sick and it kind of rolled right on through until the end of February. It was just one thing after another.

It was the year of the Not So Smalls group that I started at my LYS. We started off with small shawls and boy have they grown, as have our skill levels.  We started off the year with And So Are You by Rose Beck and it was a fun knit. Then the Color Affliction Affection  by Veera Valimaki  took hold of the shop, and pretty much the world. Everyone was knitting one. I had such a great time helping people with their colors. I loved that shawl so much I made a second for Bryce’s teacher, whom we adored and I deemed “knit worthy”. Next we did Citron, which is so close to done it’s ridiculous. After that we had fun with Ambleside which was great practice for the yarn overs. Next up was Line Break by Veera Valimaki, who was one of the HOT designers of 2012. Now in between there were hats and a poncho. Last, but not least was the Dungeness shawl. I must admit that mine is not done. The group has grown and I couldn’t be happier!


Also this year was the birth of The Yankee Dyer. And what a ride it has been. I started off with a lovely 100% merino base that we dubbed, Yankee Pride and it was pretty much off to the races from there. I had a wonderful Open House in July and another in November and lots of sales and custom orders in between. My family and friends have been behind me all the way and I so appreciated all the love a support I got from all of you especially my husband!! (He just made me type that)…


I offered up a box (pictured above) of hand dyed yarns to the Knot Hysteria Retreat this Fall in Port Ludlow, WA. I was thrilled to dye the yarn and send it. I got a lovely note from all the wonderful knitters and teachers. But the best was yet to come and I had no idea that this was going to happen. The Yarn Harlot used my yarn to knit her friend Ken a pair of socks. It was a TRUE MOMENT for me!! There were tears even before I had seen her blog post. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen. Talk about ending the year on a high note!!

The new year holds so many wonderful life moments with my family, friends and business. Bryce is going to hit double digits this year, that is so amazing! Let’s face it, everyday is an adventure and I look forward to enjoying the ride!


Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all the very best that life has to offer!


aka The Yankee Dyer


Yikes, I couldn’t blog…

Hello to all! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I had much to be thankful for and that includes all of you the read my blog!

I need to back track a bit because I had started a blog post and apparently never posted it. Sheer exhaustion may have had something to do with it.

Last weekend, The Yankee Dyer had a wonderful Open House with my dear friend Phyllis who is a gifted potter and she invited me to join her at her studio this year and we both had a fabulous weekend. Saw lots of friends and made some new ones. A ton of work went into it for me as I was just coming off a huge dyeing job for The Knot Hysteria retreat in Port Ludlow, WA.

Here is some of Phyllis’s work.

This last picture is of a beautiful lamp and my hubby bought it for my for Christmas. I am so very excited and NO, I don’t already have it.

So, we travelled by car to Massachusetts and it really went better than I expected. I didn’t need the Xanax like I thought I would and I even fell asleep at one point…sheer exhaustion set it. I did knit on the way up and finished Kyle’s hat which made him very happy.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with his side of the family and I got my baby fix in. We headed to Cape Cod on Friday for some quick QT time with my family and we left yesterday (Saturday) and drove straight home. We arrived at 9:30 pm last night and we all were in bed at 9:45 pm and asleep by 10:00 pm. It was wonderful to wake up in our own bed!

The dog has been retrieved and bathed and the washing machine is going. I am thankful that I had stuff in the freezer to defrost for dinner tonight. I am also extremely thankful that we never saw an accident traveling either way.

The boys are off to Lowe’s….I can’t imagine wanting to be in a car, but whatever. I think that they are going to try to set up the tree or decorate outside. I can keep myself busy in here.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am grateful for all of you too!

Happy Knitting,


The happy dance!!

It has been a very difficult week around here.

Fourth grade homework had reduced most of us to tears! Why, I do not know, but what should only take 20 minutes is taking 2 hours and I am thinking that I might have a serious drinking problem by the end of the year!!   :-p

Anyway, I finished my Line Break and it is blocking nicley. My bind off was a tad tight in spots, can’t imagine why???

So yesterday I was catching up on The Yarn Harlot’s blogs because life has been to crazy to sit back and enjoy much. Sometimes things happen for a reason, a really good reason in fact. I noticed that they were doing the retreat in Port Ludlow, WA and were looking for vendors and I shot them a rather inpulsive email offereing up my goodies and SHE wrote back, thanking me for my generosity and several more emails to a very thrilled ME!!! For those of you who know me, she is a big deal in my life. I love her blog and admire how she lives her life and takes her knitting everywhere she goes. This is a big freaking deal. My yarn will be in hands of all those creative knitters and instructors!  LET THE HAPPY DANCE BEGIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am contemplating something completely exclusive for them and especially Ms. Stephanie herself.  I will dazzle them Yankee style!!! So, yes, you bet, I am doing the happy dance all over the house, in the car, while doing the laundry even while walking (dancing) the dog. It’s all so darn good!

Happy Weekend and Happy Knitting!