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The struggle is very real…..

Greetings folks!  I come to you from my sunroom, minus the sun.

Let’s play catch up.  Last weekend I finally got to see some of my knitting friends that I haven’t seen since the holidays.  It was wonderful.  My friend Sandy was wearing a sweater that has been stalking me on Ravelry, Instagram and Twitter.  Yes, stalking me…only knitwear can do this, it’s a problem and frankly every knitter has it and likes it.  I just about fell over seeing it in real life and knew I needed to knit it.

Meanwhile, I’m knitting a border on a shawl with 600 stitches and I told myself that if I ordered the yarn, (which I did) and it came before I finished the shawl (which it has), that I would finish the shawl first.  As I sit and do this blog post, I have my shawl on top of the sweater yarn as sort of barrier between me and the “other yarn”.  The struggle is very real.  I think that the border could almost be done.  I think that the “other yarn” is starting to chirp…knit me, knit me.  I’m holding on folks, by the skin of my teeth because once the border is done, then I need to bind off 600 stitches and you know that’s a killer.

Here’s a sneak peek at my package.  I ordered this yarn on Friday and it arrived on Monday!  If you ever need some fabulous customer service, order yarn from Tolt Yarn and Wool in Washington State.  They are awesome!!  I think I forgot to mention that I shared the lust of this sweater with 2 of my knitting friends and we are doing a KAL….clever, right?

Tolt Yarn and Wool

Tolt Yarn and Wool

Inside that muslin bag sits a sweater quantity of yarn.  I haven’t even taken it out.  What patter is it for you ask, why Stopover, of course by the fabulous Mary Jane Mucklestone.

Here are my colors….


The main body of the sweater is the top color, Oatmeal. Colors from left to right are, Berry Heather, Turquoise Heather and Spring Green Heather. Not pictured is the white and blue that my folks brought me back from Iceland.  So many options.

This is where I will leave you.  I will emerge when the bind off is complete.

Happy Hump Day,



I’m off……ALONE….

I hope that you are all still filled with the spirit of the season.  We had a lovely Christmas and I got over the “not having any company, feeling because I got to stay in my pajamas.   You know me and my pajamas, it’s just a match made in heaven.

I may have mentioned that my parents went to Iceland this Fall, and I told my mom to check out the yarn in the grocery store.  Not that I have been there, but others have seen this great phenomenon and I wanted mom and dad to see it.  Well, they surprised me with 4 beautiful skeins of Lopi yarn and a beautiful book of Icelandic Knitting including the history and some drop dead patterns.  Also under the tree was a knitters footrest that is really great for my knees and back and another great book, The Yarn Whisperer by Clara Parkes.  I perused Chapter 1 and already laughed out loud several times.  I’ll save that for when I get back.

Back you ask?  Yes, I am going ALONE to visit my parents.  I will be ALONE  at the airport.  I won’t have the restroom argument with the boy.  I will be ALONE on the plane, well, not really, but you get my drift.  If you are a parent who hasn’t been ALONE  in a long time, this is a precious gift.

What I have to look forward to is quality time with my parents, brothers and their families, my beautiful nieces and all to grown up nephew, he’s 13….I try to be cool, I really do.  I will get some quality time with my Aunt and Uncle and a few friends.  I will also be getting a massage.  Since I am leaving with some sort of kink in my neck, this will be most enjoyed.  There will be more food and no child asking me if I am asleep.  I am packing all sorts of wooly items because it’s going to be cold.  My new hat is coming with me as is my Romi Shawl that I did this summer.  It will be perfect for New Year’s Eve.

I am off to get things organized with the boys I am leaving at home.

I’m taking the laptop with me, so we will be in touch.

Have a happy day,