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Color, Color, Color….Oh my!

What a week! I actually got to dye twice this week….and the results were just beautiful.

And this…

And this….This was a “squeak” moment for me. I had beautiful colorways and they had brothers. This means that I was able to duplicate the colors for 2 or 3 skeins. In the handpainting world, this is a BIG DEAL.

This was Tuesday’s dyeing results. I was able to squeeze another day in today and they are still drying and so pretty.

So, with such wonderful results and a passion for dyeing yarn and such wonderful support from my friends and family, I hear by announce the birth of my very own business. Details to follow.

I am developing a website where you can view the yarn and even purchase the wonderfully colored wollies and I will ship them directly to you! Everyone deserves some happy mail!

A little fiber information about my yarn. It is a 100% Merino Superwash and the yardage is a whopping 450 yards. Enough for a shawl, scarf and hat, you get the drift. This yarn has a beautiful twist and is super soft but I would not recommend it for sock. If you are knitting for wee cherubs, it’s perfect for wee knits since it’s a superwash.

After many late nights, I am off to bed and it is yet another late night.

Happy Knitting and stay tuned for all the great details and more pictures.



Multi Handpainted yarn

Multi Handpainted yarn

Hand dyed knitted sample