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Dear Facebook….

Dear Facebook,

We seem to have reached an impasse .  I can no longer sign in no matter what device I use.  You have ZERO customer support which I find extremely disconcerting.  No 1-800 number for help.  NOTHING!!!  When you were dreaming this whole thing up Mr. Zuckerberg, I think you forgot customer support.  That’s a pretty big screw up in my book.  Please use some of your  $9.4 Billion and invest in customer support.  Consider that a bit of free business advice.

So, I’ve had to delete my account and wait 14 days to start all over.  To say I loathe you would be an understatement right now.  If I didn’t have a business page, I wouldn’t even bother again quite frankly.

I knew I wouldn’t be happy until I blasted this to the public.

For those who follow me on FB, I’ll be back soon.


A very dissatisfied user~



Finally, the BIG NEWS!!!


Did I get your attention?

For those who may not follow my Facebook page, I wanted to personally reach out to share some exciting news.  On July 1st 2012, I will be taking my passion for knitting to the next level and offer direct sales of my custom hand dyed yarns thru my new website YankeeDyer.com

My website will have full ecommerce functionality with shopping cart availability along with up the minute inventory updates allowing for real time availability of my hand dyed yarns.  In addition, my website will be the new host of my blog NeedleToNeedle.   There are several other “original” features my site will have but I have to keep them a secret for now.

I’ve recently had two very successful soft launches of my initial product line in the Washington DC area where The Yankee Dyer yarns were warmly accepted in the local knitting community.

So, head to Facebook and‘LIKE’ us today.  The first 50 likes on our Facebook page will automatically enter your name into a drawing for 1 free skein of yarn.  Drawing will be held on June 30th.

I deeply appreciate the support and encouragement so many of you have given me over the years and truly believe there is a knitter inside everyone.

I am also on Twitter!! Did I think I would ever utter those words… uh, no!!! But I am, so follow me there too for up to the minute thoughts from me. You just never know what I might be up to!