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Back to reality…..

Greetings from my favorite chair on a rainy Tuesday here in Maryland.  We just finished dinner and everyone has scattered to do whatever it is that they do.  The house is quiet and I thought I would pop in and do some writing.

I really thought that I was on an upswing from the whole MDSW tiredness but to be honest I’ve been sleeping late in the mornings, like really late, like breakfast at lunch time.  Last night I made myself go to bed by 11:00 and that was good.  I still got up later than I wanted but it was 8:30 and not 10:30.  I had another massage today and I physically feel lots better.  My back, shoulders and neck were pretty jacked up.  I guess dying 800+ skeins in 6 weeks might do that to you.  Plus since the beginning of the year I was busy fulfilling wholesale orders so I really haven’t had much of a break.  I have one more fun obligation in Pennsylvania at the end of June and then it’s some serious R&R for this gal.

Yankee Dyer Yarns will be having a trunk show at Yarnings in Skippack, PA on June 24 and 25.  Gayle, the shop owner and I met at MDSW and we were able to plan something fun for her customers.  We can’t wait to see you there.

Last week I had a short burst of energy and wanted to cast on everything I could and almost did.  I have 2 new shawls in the works and I’m cruising Amy Herzog’s site and contemplating a sweater.  Which makes me feel so guilty because I have a custom fit sweater upstairs, all blocked and put together and it’s only missing ONE button band and the buttons.  Maybe that’s something I could do tonight?  I would love to wear it to knit night tomorrow.  Until I finish that I can’t be looking a more sweater patterns…….said the moth to the flame.

What’s on the needles you ask?  I started Summer Camp by Laura Aylor and then I fell down the rabbit hole with Fairyhill shawl  by Helen Stewart because it has BEADS!  I actually have a bead stash and I partially blame Laura Nelkin for that…LOL!  Pictures next time as it’s almost dusk and I need to go upstairs and get that sweater.  While I’m up there I think a soak in the tub sounds great.  I really do just feel like a slug.

That’s what’s going on here.  What’s going on with you?

Till next time ~ Michele


MDSW from a different view …

Yankee Dyer Yarns had the pleasure of being a vendor this year and I won’t leave you in suspense, we will be back next year too!   It’s pretty amazing that I dyed 821 skeins in 6 weeks….sleep is for wimps.

I have been in business for a little over  5 years and all the hard work has paid off.  We were warmly welcomed into the Maryland Sheep and Wool community.  That festival is run like a well oiled machine.  It was very impressive to see it from another point of view.  Those folks are volunteers and they do it because they love it.

I was fortunate that my three best girlfriends could share this experience with me.  We all enjoyed meeting you and although the weather was a bit fussy, it didn’t stop the knitters.   We got to see lots of wonderful knits and had some lovely chats with folks.  I am so fortunate because I love what I do and it is labor intensive at times, but it is so much fun and the festivals are a blast.

Let me share some photos with you of our debut at Maryland Sheep and Wool.

The infamous Sam Barsky selfie!  It was fun to meet him.

Meet Team Yankee Dyer! None of this would have been half as fun without them.

Thank you to all that braved the elements and mud.  I have throughly enjoyed watching my yarn pop up on the “what I got” link on Ravelry.  Keep on knitting and we will see you next at Shenandoah Fiber Festival in September.

Hugs ~ Michele