Monthly Archives: September 2016

It’s Festival time..

Greeting from a crazed dyer.  Yes, you read that right.  Next weekend is the Shenandoah Fiber Festival and I am vending.  It’s my first 2 day fiber event so anxiety is in pretty high gear.  I’ve totally gave up housework and the family and began a rather crazy yet fun dying marathon.

Busy is a blessing and I know it.  But this is why I haven’t blogged much.

My sweater is practically done and would be done if I hadn’t had to wait for my buttons to come it.  They arrived the other day and I’m ignoring them until I dig myself out from the yarn bomb that is my house at the moment.

I have actually left the house today because we were out of food and I needed to slurp some wifi from the library, so a win win in my book and I get some fresh air.  We’ve been blessed with a break in the weather and nature is out AC at the moment and frankly I’ve been sleeping like a brick.

I did have some things come off the needles recently, but they require blocking and I have no time.

I have a tooth infection and am on antibiotics and praying that wherever this leads it will wait until after next weekend.  So, please say a little prayer that epic dentistry isn’t in my immediate future.

The chill in the air just thrills my wooly soul and of course I think I’ll cast on some socks because they are excellent  travel knitting and mentally it’s about all I’m capable of at the moment, you understand?

Well, off to the grocery store and then back to the dye pots.

See you on the flip side.