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Random on a Thursday

Greetings this fine day where I find myself  A L O N E.  It was lovely when they were here but enough is enough.  My son had been home since last Thursday.  The beautiful snow is melting and the roads are clear, and last night was knit night!!  It was so good to see faces other than my family. Whoot, whoot!!!

I did some online shopping before the blizzard because my son left his fleece in Massachusetts and it’s most likely lost, so I ordered him another from LL Bean and I was really struggling with the sizes.  He’s 12 and I was going to order him the 10/12 and then thought, hmmm, that night only fit for this year, but the next size seemed huge to me, a 14/16.  I ordered the larger and worried the whole time that it was going to be huge.  It arrived and it’s roomy and perfect.  Seems like yesterday that I had him is those sweet footed pajamas.  Hard to believe he’s going to be 13 in a few months.

I’m working on a new project that I’m going to keep close to the vest for the time being, but I will show you the colors.  Yarn is Yankee Sole, a nice 100% merino with a high twist.  Colors are The Admiral and Fresh Apricot and the end result is going to be beautiful, or so I hope.


In other news, I told you this would be random.  Our microwave died on Tuesday,  just out of the blue, died.  We figured out what we most likely needed and the cost of the professional to get it and put it in and it was cheaper to replace it.  Thr old one is on a chair and the new one is sitting on my range at the moment because 8:00 pm isn’t the time to attempt a project like that.  Hubby was successful and installed it while I was a knit night last night.  Then yesterday the garage door decided that it no longer wanted to work either.  I mean seriously, what the hell.  That will be looked at this evening.

I thought about not highlighting my hair anymore and then just laughed because I’m way to young to be this gray.  So, guess where I am going on Friday, yep, cut and color me sassy.

I hope you are having a relaxing day.

Be happy,




Enter the blizzard…

Hey there! We’ve got lots of snow and whipping winds and P O W E R!  I hope I didn’t just jinx us. But we are warm and safe and tucked into the house while mother nature unleashes her fury outside.

Did I tell you that I had decided that 2016 was going to my year of zen?  I mean January isn’t even over yet and I honestly feel like it should be.  I’ve been sick pretty much since the 4th or so and had a family emergency which required me to fly home and take care of a very loved one.  You know what you do, you rise up to occasion and you handle things.  All the emotions hit me at the airport on the way back.  I was the one sitting there with tears streaming down my face at the gate fighting back the urge to grab a cab and go back to where I was needed.  Healing is what needs to take place and I had really done all that I could, except I really wanted to stay.  I’m sure you know that tug on your heart.

I’m still not feeling great and got some meds from the doctor and hopefully all will be better soon.  Just a heads up, flying with a cold really makes things worse.

In knitting news, I want to knit lots of things.  While sick, Ravelry is a lovely way to distract yourself of how you are feeling by replacing the icky feelings with feelings of what I’m gonna knit when I feel better!!  Of course when sick, you think that you have somehow become a knitting ninja and all things are possible.  I know you know that feeling!

My mom had asked me to knit Sagebrush by Romi Hill after she had seen and tried on mine and I had kinda said sure and then forgot about it until she called me to the carpet on it and gave me a deadline.  I am proud to say that I practiced monogamous knitting and came in well under my deadline.  It needs to be blocked and a joined and then mailed.  She is gifting it to a special doctor and the color way she chose was Teal Me On in Yankee Sole II.  In case you didn’t know, teal is the color for Ovarian Cancer Awareness.

I hope that all is well with you and that if you are affected by the blizzard, you are safe and warm.

I’ll have photo’s of the finished project on the next blog.

Be happy….