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Dear Facebook….

Dear Facebook,

We seem to have reached an impasse .  I can no longer sign in no matter what device I use.  You have ZERO customer support which I find extremely disconcerting.  No 1-800 number for help.  NOTHING!!!  When you were dreaming this whole thing up Mr. Zuckerberg, I think you forgot customer support.  That’s a pretty big screw up in my book.  Please use some of your  $9.4 Billion and invest in customer support.  Consider that a bit of free business advice.

So, I’ve had to delete my account and wait 14 days to start all over.  To say I loathe you would be an understatement right now.  If I didn’t have a business page, I wouldn’t even bother again quite frankly.

I knew I wouldn’t be happy until I blasted this to the public.

For those who follow me on FB, I’ll be back soon.


A very dissatisfied user~



Dear Summer….

You have kept me very busy! I thought things were busy during the school year, you are making that look easy!

We ended the school year nicely and immediately began our adventure in orthodontics. I think we had minor emergencies in just the first 3 weeks. A brace fell off, a wire broke and I forget what else. Let’s just say there is knitting stashed in the car for such trips. 

Camp sounds like a great idea until you have to pack a cooler and lunch and snacks every morning and be up a 6:00 am so I can enjoy my cup of coffee before all the prep begins. Then it’s all the back and forth. He had fun at both camps and that’s all that matters. 

I’ve not been dying much or knitting much. My hands are hurting and a Pyrex glass bowl fell off a shelf and onto my knuckle. It hurt like hell and I thought, what if I can’t knit??? I could that day but not do much now. I can bend it so I know it’s just got to heal from its multi colored bruise.

This past Thursday night I went out and saw The Bacon Brothers in Alexandria, VA. To say I had fun would be an understatement. They are really, really good and Kevin was really, really good to look at!! We were so close it was great. If they are in your neck of the woods, by all means go! It’s a great night out!!

 See what I mean, sexy as hell and a great voice which is also sexy as hell! 

I’m looking forward to our family vacation in a couple of weeks to the Outer Banks. 

I’ll be back soon with some knitting photos.

Hope you are well!