What’s up with the lack of manners?

Maybe I have the post-Christmas blues, but I am becoming more annoyed by the lack of manners.  Please and thank you seem to be a thing of the past.  Not in my house, but there is a general feeling of entitlement that’s not sitting well with me.  How about you?

Between my husband and I, we have collectively 6 nieces and nephews and we did not receive ONE, not ONE thank you for their Christmas gift.  Is it all becoming too much, I think so.

I even made hand knits for the older children and I only asked for a picture of them wearing their gifts.  Is asking a teenager to take a selfie too much?  I really didn’t think so.

Yes, my feelings are hurt and I am sick of the rudeness.  I know that my mother is going to comment on this blog post.  But how I feel is how I feel and that’s that until I’m over it.

Anyone else have ungrateful gift recipients? I’m listening…

My rant is over and I am moving on.




2 responses to “What’s up with the lack of manners?

  1. And for that very reason – no thanks you’s – I stopped giving to the nephews and nieces. They didn’t care enough to say thank you, I gathered they didn’t care about receiving the gifts!


  2. Yup.i have family that didn’t even acknowledge when they received a package in the mail from me, let alone a thank u. Solved that by only giving gifts in person. Don’t see me till August? Oh well!


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