Oh bugger…..

I hope that this blog finds you well.  I on the other hand, am not.  I have summer cold and somehow they just feel worse.  I wonder why that is?

It’s timing couldn’t have been worse as I have the weekdays to myself since my son is at camp.  I had hoped to get a bunch of work done, but no dice.  I have been kinda giving into this and napping when I need to since it’s just me and the dog and the house is very quiet.

I have been knitting quite a bit and have reached the beading portion of the pattern which makes me so happy!

My neighbor called me to let me know that a lone fawn was in my yarn.  This little one was all alone, not a parent in sight.  Pardon the picture, I reached for a camera and the battery was dead so I had to use my iPhone camera.


Pictures of the lace soon.  I know you want to see it with some bling.

I’m off to have some tea and a bit of a nap!

Hope you are having a great day!



3 responses to “Oh bugger…..

  1. Adorable! I hope Mom was lurking in the woods nearby. Feel better soon!


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