Our Herb garden

Our Herb garden

We have been adjusting to the loss of our Chloe.  It has been a rather rough couple of weeks and it was all I could do to write that tribute to her.  For such a small kitty, she left such a big void.  I feel her absence the most at what would be her feeding times and at night when she would grace us with her presence.  The other situation that has developed is that the dog has been very affected by her absence.  The dog has never been alone and she has been looking for Chloe and making strange noises and has become SUPER CLINGY.  When we return home after being out the greeting is a bit beyond frantic.  We have been giving her extra attention and she is coming around.  Needless to say we are going to be adjusting for quite some time.

To keep my hands busy and my mind occupied I have been knitting away on my lovely lace project.  It’s really quite beautiful.  Pictures on the next blog because it is just a longer piece of what you saw earlier.

In other news, summer is flying!!  I can’t believe that we are almost into the middle of July.  Time sure does fly when you are busy and schlepping the boy all over the place.  He had his first friend sleep over Thursday night and it was the best birthday gift a mom could ask for.  His friend is super sweet and they had a wonderful time.  It brought back lots of memories of when I was younger and my summer sleepovers.

This week my son has horse camp so I plan on doing some dying.  I feel some funky colors coming and knitting quite a bit.  Sounds lovely to me.

I am sure that you all remember this winter and the Polar Vortex, well, now they (the weather people) are saying that this is going to happen again on Monday and Tuesday in these parts.  I have to say that weather is really funky and very scary.  I don’t mind thunderstorms but tornado’s are a totally different story.  I pray that it won’t be so terrible.

I hope that you are enjoying your Sunday.  Have a great day and I’ll see you back soon!



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