You had me at…..

Purrrrrr!  Oh, what a motor you had.  You picked me that day in the animal shelter 18 years ago.  You and your beautiful eyes and the paw that you tried to reach out to me with and that amazingly loud motor, yes my beautiful Chloe, you had me at purrrr!


Your human family loved you very much.  You were the one and only for many years before we had Bryce and I know that was a BIG adjustment for you.  For an indoor kitty you had lots of indoor fun and a few escapes.  You never went far from your home life  which was much too posh for you to become an outside kitty.  You loved the birds and your catnip and even the baby, eventually.  Your life included four moves and in the last 4 years of your life, we threw in a puppy.  Life was rocky for a good while, but you set the dog straight on who was boss and she knew it.  Fresca seems a bit lost without you.

It was hard watching you age and lose your hearing, but you adjusted and we kept our eyes on you.  We had 18 wonderful years with you and you rescued us as much as we rescued you.  You were Daddy’s first fur baby and he adored you!!  I keep looking at “your spot” on Daddy’s chair and it just doesn’t look right without you curled up there.

As I held you on Saturday and let you go, I stroked that same paw that reached out for me many years ago.  You will forever be in our hearts Chloe.


Rest easy my fur baby.


The Humans Who Loved You

(Your human mother wrote this through a river of tears, forgive any errors in grammar).


7 responses to “You had me at…..

  1. Michelle, I am so, so sorry for your loss. I had to say goodbye, after 18 or 19 years, to Chumley the Wonder Cat back in January; so I know how it feels. Thanks for taking such good care of her for so long.



  2. I am really sorry for your loss.
    It reminds me when I lost my furry one, who very much resembled Chloe.
    After many years, she is still in my heart and memories.
    Cats leave paw prints on hearts ❤
    And sweet memories


  3. oh, she sounds like a special girl. She had a good life with you and it seems like you both knew it and appreciated it. I know you will miss her for a long time to come.


  4. Oh Michelle, I am so sorry for your loss of Chloe. I started reading and got a lump in my throat and an ache in my heart. Losing a precious kitty is losing an important and loved part of your family. My thoughts are with you. Love, JoAnn


  5. She was so lucky you rescued her. You provided her a wonderful, loving home for many years. Although she has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge, her memory will live long in your heart. Love, Sandy


  6. Beautifully said – where is the Kleenex box!


  7. Laura Abramson

    My heart goes out to you and the family. I know the pain and loss you are going through. Hugs.


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