Sounds of Summer….

Another summer is upon us.  The seasons seem to come and go more quickly than I remember.  After the bitterly cold winter we had, I won’t be complaining much about the heat….humidity, well, that’s another story.

When I am out at night with the dog I love to listen to the sounds of summer.  All the night creatures singing their summer songs and the fireflies dancing along.  Brings back lots of memories of summers past.

Bryce was out in the field catching fireflies in a mason jar one night and it was the perfect summer thing to do. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and less the sound of everyone firing up their mowers.  Personally I think there could be a designated “cutting time” for everyone in my neighborhood and then we could enjoy the summer sounds.  I’m just saying’.

Summer knitting for me is almost always lace.  I really do love to knit it.  Think of all the places that are made freezing cold by the air conditioners.  I was in a restaurant earlier this week for breakfast, after a camp drop off, and it was freezing in there.  I mean my hot coffee was now iced if you didn’t drink it fast enough cold.  I could have used a shawl and will remember to carry one from now on.  So, this is what I am knitting at the moment….


The pattern is Sierra Lupine by Rosemary (Romi) Hill and it can either be knit as a scarf or wrap.  I am opting to make the scarf but increasing the body by a few repeats to make it longer.  This little lovely will have some beading too!!  Any excuse to go to the bead store.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.






2 responses to “Sounds of Summer….

  1. I , too, enjoy the sounds of summer! Your knitting project is a beautiful color and lovely pattern.


  2. Loving summer here!!…and love this pattern…and love the designers first name…wink, wink!!


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