Oh my indeed!

Two years go in a Dyer’s Christmas Swap I was lucky to receive a braid of lovely fluffy stuff which has sat quietly in its zip lock bag and every once in a while I would hear the whisper….Spin me….make me yarn.  I have been tempted to buy a wheel but the itch hasn’t been itchy enough…you know what I mean.  I already dye the yarn, do I really want to make it too?? The inner me is like HELL YES but the practical side wins out every time.


While on Twitter chatting with my virtual fiber friends, I got chatting with Tammy who is Black Sheep Goods and man can she spin.  After much chatting it was decided that I would send the lovely fluffy stuff to her and she would send me back yarn that was ready to rock and roll.  Mind you I was sending this the British Columbia, CA.  I thought the fluffy stuff deserved an adventure and I met a lovely lady who made this for me.


It is 100% Corriedale and just a beautiful as can be.  It is about 390 yards of  fingering.  I wish you had touch-a-vision because this has me completely smitten with the whole process.  I keep it close and pet it often and wonder what it might want to be.

On another note, I just updated my Etsy shop.  There are gradients and our new Sport weight yarn, Yankee Clipper.  Be sure to stop by and check it out.

It’s knit night with my peeps! I hope you have a wonderful evening!





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