Brain freeze….

I was doing so well and then I wasn’t.  You know that feeling when you put your car keys down in an unfamiliar spot and internally you are screaming NOOOOO and yet you leave them there and them guess what….you have NOOOOO ideas where that unfamiliar place is.  Thank heavens for spare keys is all I can say.

I have had a week from HE double hockey sticks and it will end with a small ArtFest tomorrow that I am participating in.  Forecast for Saturday night into Sunday, face plant into bed.

I have an assigned photographer for the event (my son) because I always forget to take pictures.  He’s my go to guy for that stuff.  I will have a tent set up next to mine for the knitters.  So if you are heading to ArtFest LaPlata and you are a knitter, bring a chair and make some new friends.

I thought by writing this post I might have a “moment” where I remember where the keys are, but nope, nothing!

I am going to knit for a bit then bed.  Sweet dreams and look forward to some interesting pictures.





One response to “Brain freeze….

  1. See you there! Have a great day with your yarn, knitting peeps and sunshine!


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