The years are going too fast…

It seems like yesterday we were driving to the hospital on a crystal clear perfect spring morning, 11 years ago today.



It seems like yesterday when I could hold him in my arms and rock him while reading books and singing to him.

These past 11 years you have put us through the paces making us better parents.  I hear more of my mother in my words everyday, I must be doing something right.

You make me laugh and you make me cry and though parenting is the hardest job I could ever imagine, I wouldn’t change the experience for anything else.

I feel terrible that you are sick on your birthday.  I secretly hope that there might be some cuddle time in there for me.

I promise to stop cutting your meat.  To my defense, there was a choking incident when you were young and I’m still not over it.  I promise to listen more before passing judgement.

I am so proud of the young man who you are becoming.  You are my best work in progress dear son.

As for your birthday wish list of all things that start with an “i”, here you go!

I will love you always and forever.

I will always listen to your point of view.

I will always be there, no matter what.

I may not always agree with you.

I honor the person you are.

I love you to infinity and beyond.

I love your freckles!!

Lots of “i’s” and not connected with a pod, touch, pad, or shuffle.

Happy Birthday to my sweet son Bryce.


Your Mom



One response to “The years are going too fast…

  1. A beautiful & loving testimony to a special birthday Boy!!


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