It was like magic…..

I hope that you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!  I sure did since my family was up north.  I had the whole glorious weekend to myself!  I ran with scissors and everything!!

I had an idea and it’s been bumping around in my brain for a bit and I finally just  went for it and did it.  Here is the result….



Now mind you,  I just grabbed some dye that was at arm’s length and started to play.  Now I can’t stop!!  This would make a beautiful Zuzu’s Petals and I have our new sport weight, Yankee Clipper.  A perfect pairing I do believe!!

These lovelies will make their debut on June 7th at ArtFest LaPlata from Noon until 6:00.  There is even a tented area next to me for all you knitters, just bring a chair.

The dye pots are calling……see you soon!



One response to “It was like magic…..

  1. I love it more than words can say!


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