Murphy’s Law Indeed…

I have been missing a pair of Signature Needles for quite sometime and on occasion, I have lent them out….I can hear your gasp from here….and I check with the people to whom I would have lent them and everyone said no, they didn’t have them.

I looked thru (insert sad face here), several project bags that have housed project I either no longer love or have kinda forgotten about…it happens.  No dice.  I even looked in the “bigger” bags that I schlep all the little bags around in (I’m in danger of becoming a bag lady), still nothing!

I came to the realization that I would just have to replace them and that I exactly what I did a few weeks back at MD Sheep and Wool.  As predicted, I found them today, under my bed in a project LONG forgotten.  So, now I have a fixed 3 and one of the new Interchangeable 3’s.  But what I really needed was my US Size 4, and then I couldn’t find that only to realize I was knitting with it.

In other news, I am busy getting ready for a small festival on June 7 and I am excited because this year I will have the grid wall and the yarns will be displayed as they should be displayed.

I will also be introducing our new Sport Weight yarn, Yankee Clipper!  All good things.

I’m off to set the house straight as I have made a big mess looking for stuff.




2 responses to “Murphy’s Law Indeed…

  1. Too bad Angus and Loopy weren’t hanging out with the needles!


  2. Oh, I hear you! With so many creative things going on, it is easy to lose track of something as small as a pair of needles. 🙂 But it is all good, someday you may need two sets of #3….


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