Finished Objects…..

Describing something that has been hand knit a “finished object” seems a bit irresponsible and slightly disrespectful of something that someone has made with their own two hands.  I hear by dub thee, Objects of Affection!  I think that describes things much nicer.

My friend Paula finished her 2nd Rockefeller by Stephen West….and I tweeted about it and directed it at Mr. West and sure enough, he favored the tweet.  High praise as he is a tough guy to get to acknowledge a tweet.  Think of all that he gets, it must be crazy pants.



Paula used Yankee Sole II in Sherwood Forest and Ink!  A show stopper for sure!!

Next up is the lovely Ms. Cindy and her beautiful Leftie my Martina Behm.  Cindy also chose Yankee Sole II for this sassy knit.  I also tweet this and it got some love from its sweet designer.  I love how Cindy styled her lovely hand knit!!



I couldn’t be more thrilled!!

PS:  I finished the Mystery and it needs a bath, blocking and a photo shoot and then there will be a blog post.

I hope that you all are well!







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