Sheep and Wool….

It was lovely this past Sunday and my family and I enjoyed the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival quite a bit.  I love Sundays as they are less hectic than a Saturday visit plus you get to see the Sheep to Shawl contest and auction.

I really enjoyed the sheep…



Love this face!

I also loved all the yarn bombing!  The knitters were busy!!


My purchases were things that I have had my eyes on for the last few years.  One is a beautiful water colors of a ewe and it’s baby.  It is titled, “Mom, I am tired”. I forgot to take a photo because I tucked it safely away.  There is a lovely woodworker there and I purchased a beautiful darning egg.  My other purchase was a replacement of a Signature Needle that I let someone borrow and sadly can’t remember who, but it has yet to show up and basically it’s my bad and problem solved.

Another exciting thing was that I got to meet 2 of my Twitter friends!!  This is Maureen on the left and Ginger on the right.  I am the one in the middle. They are both as lovely as they are on Twitter.  Maureen is from Canada and came just for Sheep and Wool.  Now that’s a committed knitter!!  Ginger hails from Maryland and she is a pistol!!


I had the ribbon chips because you just have too!

I am posting this on the fly as it is knit night and I am looking forward to seeing my friends.

Be happy….!


P.S.  I started the picot bind offf of my shawl but had a moment of doubt and stopped.  I checked with the powers that be and I was right, so onward I go.


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