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It was like magic…..

I hope that you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!  I sure did since my family was up north.  I had the whole glorious weekend to myself!  I ran with scissors and everything!!

I had an idea and it’s been bumping around in my brain for a bit and I finally just  went for it and did it.  Here is the result….



Now mind you,  I just grabbed some dye that was at arm’s length and started to play.  Now I can’t stop!!  This would make a beautiful Zuzu’s Petals and I have our new sport weight, Yankee Clipper.  A perfect pairing I do believe!!

These lovelies will make their debut on June 7th at ArtFest LaPlata from Noon until 6:00.  There is even a tented area next to me for all you knitters, just bring a chair.

The dye pots are calling……see you soon!



Murphy’s Law Indeed…

I have been missing a pair of Signature Needles for quite sometime and on occasion, I have lent them out….I can hear your gasp from here….and I check with the people to whom I would have lent them and everyone said no, they didn’t have them.

I looked thru (insert sad face here), several project bags that have housed project I either no longer love or have kinda forgotten about…it happens.  No dice.  I even looked in the “bigger” bags that I schlep all the little bags around in (I’m in danger of becoming a bag lady), still nothing!

I came to the realization that I would just have to replace them and that I exactly what I did a few weeks back at MD Sheep and Wool.  As predicted, I found them today, under my bed in a project LONG forgotten.  So, now I have a fixed 3 and one of the new Interchangeable 3’s.  But what I really needed was my US Size 4, and then I couldn’t find that only to realize I was knitting with it.

In other news, I am busy getting ready for a small festival on June 7 and I am excited because this year I will have the grid wall and the yarns will be displayed as they should be displayed.

I will also be introducing our new Sport Weight yarn, Yankee Clipper!  All good things.

I’m off to set the house straight as I have made a big mess looking for stuff.



Sweet, Sweet Mystery…


It was a joy to knit.  I love Romi’s attention to detail!  Her charts are sheer perfection!

I made this with Yankee Dyer Yarns, Yankee Sole II in Chap My Khaki’s and Chai   Latte and I dyed them myself.


Do you see the Owls peeking out at you! What a fabulous addition to the design.  And then the bind off.


Pretty Picots add the perfect balance for this shawl.  I loved knitting in as well as blocking it because nothing beats the magic of blocking!

If you haven’t experienced a Romi design, please do treat yourself.  It’s such a great journey!

If you like these colors and are thinking you might like to make one, please visit my shop, The Yankee Dyer, and I will hook you up!

I am wearing this Object of Affection to a wedding at the end of June. Perfect for a late day, outdoor wedding.

In other news, we are up to our neck in basil.  I see lots of pesto in my future.


Did you know that you can make the pesto and freeze it in ice cube trays and use it all winter. I throw it in homemade spaghetti sauce, meatloaf and toss with veggies.

Have a wonderful and happy weekend!  See you next week!



Finished Objects…..

Describing something that has been hand knit a “finished object” seems a bit irresponsible and slightly disrespectful of something that someone has made with their own two hands.  I hear by dub thee, Objects of Affection!  I think that describes things much nicer.

My friend Paula finished her 2nd Rockefeller by Stephen West….and I tweeted about it and directed it at Mr. West and sure enough, he favored the tweet.  High praise as he is a tough guy to get to acknowledge a tweet.  Think of all that he gets, it must be crazy pants.



Paula used Yankee Sole II in Sherwood Forest and Ink!  A show stopper for sure!!

Next up is the lovely Ms. Cindy and her beautiful Leftie my Martina Behm.  Cindy also chose Yankee Sole II for this sassy knit.  I also tweet this and it got some love from its sweet designer.  I love how Cindy styled her lovely hand knit!!



I couldn’t be more thrilled!!

PS:  I finished the Mystery and it needs a bath, blocking and a photo shoot and then there will be a blog post.

I hope that you all are well!






Sheep and Wool….

It was lovely this past Sunday and my family and I enjoyed the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival quite a bit.  I love Sundays as they are less hectic than a Saturday visit plus you get to see the Sheep to Shawl contest and auction.

I really enjoyed the sheep…



Love this face!

I also loved all the yarn bombing!  The knitters were busy!!


My purchases were things that I have had my eyes on for the last few years.  One is a beautiful water colors of a ewe and it’s baby.  It is titled, “Mom, I am tired”. I forgot to take a photo because I tucked it safely away.  There is a lovely woodworker there and I purchased a beautiful darning egg.  My other purchase was a replacement of a Signature Needle that I let someone borrow and sadly can’t remember who, but it has yet to show up and basically it’s my bad and problem solved.

Another exciting thing was that I got to meet 2 of my Twitter friends!!  This is Maureen on the left and Ginger on the right.  I am the one in the middle. They are both as lovely as they are on Twitter.  Maureen is from Canada and came just for Sheep and Wool.  Now that’s a committed knitter!!  Ginger hails from Maryland and she is a pistol!!


I had the ribbon chips because you just have too!

I am posting this on the fly as it is knit night and I am looking forward to seeing my friends.

Be happy….!


P.S.  I started the picot bind offf of my shawl but had a moment of doubt and stopped.  I checked with the powers that be and I was right, so onward I go.

The Wooliest of them all…

It’s that time of year again here in Maryland….Sheep and Wool time, that is.  I usually go on Saturday, but Sunday is a bit more laid back and I love to bring my boys.  Fun for all I say.

I have nothing on my wish list this year.  I may have to replace a Signature circular needle that has been misplaced.  What I love the most is being surrounded by others who love the wool and all that goes with it.  It’s fun seeing everyone’s knits and chatting with other fiber enthusiast.

I will share the fun with you next week.

Sorry about the lack of posts, it’s been crazy here.

Have a wonderful weekend.