From the other side….

Greetings from the other side of Easter!  I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday.    We were fortunate to be able to spend it with my parents.  It really was much nicer having company for a holiday.  I made lots of yummy things and totally screwed up the boiled eggs!!  Can you believe it??  While Bryce and I were coloring eggs he cracked one and it was not cooked.  I made one of the most complex desserts and screwed up boiling eggs, go figure.

While my parents were here, my youngest brother and his son Zach swung in for a visit while on their way to Delaware.  It was so good to have a house full of family, I really mean it, it was wonderful.  My brother and Zach left on Thursday to visit with other family members who live on the other side of Maryland and then continued on to his baseball tournament.  My parents stayed an extra day and left on Friday.  The house was quiet again, but in a weird way.

I just couldn’t do any knitting.  I did throw in  a lifeline one night while watching a baseball game with my nephew.  Have I mentioned that I adore this now 14 old boy!!  I am his Auntie and Godmother, I get to gush about him!!

Yesterday I made the mistake of sleeping late, and then sitting down to just “knit a row” and turning on the TV…the day got away from me shall we say.  It was good clean knitting  and I needed it.

I printed off Clue #5 this morning but I was smart enough to go to the grocery store FIRST.  Nobody can say that my priorities are out of whack.  I threw in some laundry for good measure.

Pictures tomorrow of the shawl and some lovelies I dyed before the family came to town!

Hope you all are doing well!




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