And the negotiations began….

In February, we realized that the vehicle I was driving had some major issues going on and we were on the fence as to what to do.  Would the repairs cost more than the vehicle was worth?  It was possible.  So, for this bog I will refer to hubby as, Mr. Finance.  We decided to poke around and see what we liked.  There was lots of research done and we had it narrowed down to two vehicles.  Mr. Finance does not like to walk into a dealership and I don’t blame him.  You have to go in with the right attitude and have patience.

I went and I did all the test driving and sat through the “what number works for you” game with the salesperson.  It consumed an entire day.  Mr. Finance took a Friday off and we set out together and things looked promising until our salesperson sold the car we wanted right out from under us.  I think Mr. Finance disconnected himself from the process.  I was kinda on my own.

So, on Tuesday, I was on a mission.  My vehicle was already cleaned out.  I packed a lunch and something to drink, grabbed my knitting and off I went.  I would have car buying success or knit an entire sock trying!  They knew I meant business when I came in and made myself comfortable.  I had a cheat sheet of numbers for negotiating and I was fearless I tell you.  I pulled the sock out during the intense part of the dealings, which just blew everyone away and provided a breather for me and I really think it threw them off their game.  Then when things looked “iffy”, I started by putting the sock away, and putting on my scarf and coat.  Hold up, what’s going on they say.  I was prepared to walk away.  Negotiations resumed, in my favor, and then I got Mr. Finance on the phone to seal the deal.  Frankly, all that “new car smell” was starting to make me dizzy and  a bit sick to my stomach, so I slipped outside to get some much needed fresh air. When I returned, I heard the sales manager say congratulations to me!!

Now, I haven’t negotiated a car sale by myself in many years and it was exhausting.  So, I smiled and shook his hand and excused myself to the ladies room where I proceeded to do the HAPPY DANCE in private followed by a couple of aspirin.  Mr. Finance was happy that he didn’t have to sit there and do any of “the negotiating” and told me that I had done a good job.

So, this is what I was negotiating for….!!

My new wheels!

It’s a happy color and I am enjoying the fruits of my labor!  We will have this for a long time!!

In knitting news, Clue #2 came out on Friday and I plan to work on mine this weekend.

It’s going to be a wet weekend here.  Perfect for knitting and baking and I’ll throw some house stuff in there for good measure.

Be good…





2 responses to “And the negotiations began….

  1. Good luck with your beautiful new car!! I think car shopping is the worst thing to experience…I detest it.


  2. So happy for you! I am glad you got what you wanted!!!


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