The Mystery begins with Clue #1…

Friday could’t come fast enough for all the knitters who are participating in the Romi Hill I’ts a Mystery KAL, and then we found out that we had to wait until West Coast time for the release of Clue #1.  Several of us were together knitting and waiting for 1:00 pm EST and as soon as the clock struck one, we all hit refresh on our tablets and the KAL was on!!

Clue #1 was fun.  I love the way Romi designs.  Lots of interesting things going on.  Here is my finished clue.  It reminds me of mesh and I love it.  Thank goodness I have other things to knit because Friday is so…far….away!!


I can’t wait for Friday and Clue #2 to be revealed.

If you are knitting along with Yankee Dyer Yarns, please post a photo in our Spoiler Thread in the Yankee Dyer Fans forum on Ravelry.

I hope your weekend was wonderful.  I know that the calendar says Spring, but I beg to disagree.  I am still wearing my down coat and scarf.

My father in law was in town visiting with us.  It was a great visit and he is now on his was to Delaware for work.

The boy had been on antibiotics and ear drops for his double ear infection and I think that he is on the mend.

I rented a movie today from Redbox and I just want to save you the whole $1.29. The name of the movie is “All is Lost” and there are exactly 2, yes, 2 whole words in the entire movie.  It was a perfect knitting movie.  if I had paid $8 to see it in the theater I would have been completely ticked.  I will say that Robert Redford was great but overall reminded me of Cast Away, you remember that one, don’t you?  Not much dialogue in that one either.

Have a great week!



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