Please thrill me….

My family and I have been enjoying the Olympic games.  The winter Olympics are by far my favorite.  Snowboarding and figure skating are also high on my list of must see events.

I haven’t done much knitting either.  My current WIP just isn’t thrilling me.  Love the yarn, like the pattern but something is missing.   There is no zip in this project.  You know what I mean about zip.  It’s that feeling of not being able to put it down or you can’t wait to sit down and dig in.  I have none of that for this project….nada, zip, zilch.  What to do, what to do??  Find something else to knit quick.  I saved this draft last night and picked up the knitting in question and noticed that I had made an error.  I was purling on the right side and knitting on the wrong side.  I think that I had double checked that too.

I do, however, have plans for all of this!

Option #1

Option #1

Option #2

Option #2

This is going to be a gorgeous Seed Stitch wrap!  What option do you prefer?  The only difference is that I added a light green skein.

Since my knitting is working against me these days, I have been doing laundry and channeling my inner domestic goddess….well not quite, but things are getting done.

We are expecting another storm today, which has been a weekly event and seems to be our weather pattern this winter.  I hope that the kids don’t use up anymore snow days, but it’s not looking good.

Tonight is knit night, a day early thanks to the storm!  I am wearing my new sweater and it is extremely cozy.  Perfect for this winter for sure.

Stay safe and warm!




4 responses to “Please thrill me….

  1. I like option 2, in case you were curious!


  2. Both great combinations, but prefer 2 I think the green lifts it a bit more.


  3. I’ll be contrary. I prefer option #1 mo betta! 🙂


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