Mission Complete….

I have thought about blogging a lot, but it just never happened.  Weather has been happening here and around the country, but it has thrown me off my routine.

I had been obsessed with finishing my sweater.  Did you notice that I used the word…HAD.  It is finished!

I was on a fabulous knitters retreat this past weekend in Williamsburg, VA with lots of my friends and my main mission was to finish the sweater.  I bound off the collar in bed Saturday night and wore it to breakfast on Sunday morning.  I had, and still have that finished object afterglow!!  I have to give credit where credit is due.  This sweater would not have been possible without the invaluable help of my dear friend Sandy.  She really helped make this sweater what I wanted it to be.  It seemed like the sizing was a bit off, so she modified the button band completely.  I knit it separately and then attached to the sweater and it looks awesome.  It was supposed to be a jacket, not a cardigan and it is a jacket.  I loves it so much!!  Yes, I meant to say loves!!

I have to admit that on Monday I seemed to have a knitting retreat hangover.  I think it’s just from being in hyper knitting mode and you need to come down after all that energy.  I felt more myself today.

I promise to get a better picture of me wearing the jacket when I see my knitting friends on Friday.  Here is a picture taken in Williamsburg of my striking a pose, or some semblance of a pose.  I love how the collar looks from the back!



I just love the whole look.  I used Yankee Worsted in the Chai Latte color way.  That is one really nice dye job if I do say so myself.

I am playing with something with stripes…..

See you sooner, I promise!

Stay warm and knit on..!

PS:  Don’t get me started about Team USA’s Olympic sweaters.  Sheep everywhere are crying at the horror!



One response to “Mission Complete….

  1. Love, love, love it! You did a wonderful job and it looks spectacular on you. Can’t wait to take/see the ‘real’ pictures!


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