Happy New Year….

New Year cheer from Falmouth, MA.

I have had a wonderful visit with my Aunts and Uncles and even snuck in a visit with my cousin Cherie and her family, who also happen to live in MD and were in RI visiting her family.

I have had fun with my parents and spent time with each brother and their families.

Here is a picture of some beautifully decorated trees in Falmouth, MA.







I had to admit that this trip was all about company and visiting and not about knitting.

When we were here for Thanksgiving, we stayed one night with my brother Matt, who happens to have 4 beautiful chickens and I had wanted to take a picture of them and forgot, so here they are.  Their eggs are delicious…!  These ladies have been named by me niece Sarah.  May I present, Charity, Noble, Jingle, and Hope!


We are expecting a heck of a snow storm on Thursday here in New England and I ask that you keep your fingers crossed that my flight leaves Providence Thursday at 6:15 pm.  I am missing my little guy and he is really upset that the snow is coming here and not back in MD.

If you want to track my misery and frustration tomorrow, I am sure that I will be tweeting from the airport.  You can find me on Twitter @YankeDyer.

Stay safe and warm,






One response to “Happy New Year….

  1. I hope you make it back safely – tonight hopefully! No matter what, be safe.


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