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Mission Complete….

I have thought about blogging a lot, but it just never happened.  Weather has been happening here and around the country, but it has thrown me off my routine.

I had been obsessed with finishing my sweater.  Did you notice that I used the word…HAD.  It is finished!

I was on a fabulous knitters retreat this past weekend in Williamsburg, VA with lots of my friends and my main mission was to finish the sweater.  I bound off the collar in bed Saturday night and wore it to breakfast on Sunday morning.  I had, and still have that finished object afterglow!!  I have to give credit where credit is due.  This sweater would not have been possible without the invaluable help of my dear friend Sandy.  She really helped make this sweater what I wanted it to be.  It seemed like the sizing was a bit off, so she modified the button band completely.  I knit it separately and then attached to the sweater and it looks awesome.  It was supposed to be a jacket, not a cardigan and it is a jacket.  I loves it so much!!  Yes, I meant to say loves!!

I have to admit that on Monday I seemed to have a knitting retreat hangover.  I think it’s just from being in hyper knitting mode and you need to come down after all that energy.  I felt more myself today.

I promise to get a better picture of me wearing the jacket when I see my knitting friends on Friday.  Here is a picture taken in Williamsburg of my striking a pose, or some semblance of a pose.  I love how the collar looks from the back!



I just love the whole look.  I used Yankee Worsted in the Chai Latte color way.  That is one really nice dye job if I do say so myself.

I am playing with something with stripes…..

See you sooner, I promise!

Stay warm and knit on..!

PS:  Don’t get me started about Team USA’s Olympic sweaters.  Sheep everywhere are crying at the horror!



On a mission…

This will be brief, I apologize.  I have better stuff coming, I promise.

Right now I am sitting on the couch and have 2 TV tables practically blocking me in because I am trying to finish this sweater.  I am so close, and yet there might be a yarn shortage….enter your GASP here.  I am thinking positive.  One sleeve is 98% done and the other won’t take long at all.

IMG_1933I also don’t have any recent pictures because they are in the cloud somewhere and I don’t know what the heck that means yet.

I have a Year In Review that I have been working on….I will post it by the end of the week.

I hope you are well and happy.

See you soon,




In a nutshell….

I am home safe and sound.  I have to give a shout out to Southwest Airlines, they did the absolute best they could and I am sure that looking at the sea of tired, frustrated and upset passengers and explaining the same dilemma over and over again it has to be stressful.  They handled the situation very well.  You couldn’t pay me enough to do their job.

My parents dropped my off at the airport around 1:00 pm on Saturday, giving me plenty of time to eat something and hang out at my gate and relax for my flight at 3:40 pm.  I was sitting and talking to people and after a couple of hours I noticed that I hadn’t seen a single plane come or go.  I thought it was odd, but the board still said my flight was okay.  Then it seemed that the terminal was suddenly packed with people everywhere and then the announcements began.  I had to admit the my insides did a little flip.  The thought of spending the night in the airport was not that thrilling.  Fortunately, I did have family close that I could stay with should that be the case.

Once I boarded the plane, I spotted a seat and as I got closer, I calmly motioned to the older couple that I would like to sit in the spot that was currently occupied by a dead animal….yes, a fur coat.  I am sorry folks, but I became unglued and SNAPPED!  Then these folks told me I had to wait because they “had stuff”.  My reply was, we all have stuff, move the dead animal, this is a FULL FLIGHT!  They just stared at me like deer in the headlights and right then and there I knew things might get ugly if I sat between  these two idiots, so I continued on down the aisle and found better accommodations.  But I was really ticked off.  They were now somebody else’s problem.  You know that feeling when you just want to smack someone, these two were right up there.  I was so mad I even snapped a bad iPhone pic of them.

Basically the East coast and Mid West were a mess.  I was fortunate to leave at 5:20 pm and arrived in Baltimore around 6:30.  I met my family in baggage claim where I was almost knocked over by my son.  They were sights for tired eyes.  The baggage carousel beeped and out came a few, very few, pieces of luggage and then it stopped.  There were only ten of us left and none of us were leaving without our bags.  I think somebody forgot them on the tarmac.  After another hour, and a carousel change, I grabbed my bag and home we went.

It was wonderful to have those extra days with my parents and to enjoy the storm.   I really do enjoy the beauty of watching the world go white and quiet.  I haven’t seen snow in a few years and it was pretty.

As I watch the news I realize how fortunate I was to be able to come home.  So many others are stuck and would be until midweek.

Now for the knitting portion of the event, I didn’t do any knitting until Friday evening when I cast-on for another hat.  I really did visit and relax and enjoy my time away.

It is as my friend Cindy likes to say, bugger freezing cold out there.  Stay safe and warm.


Happy New Year….

New Year cheer from Falmouth, MA.

I have had a wonderful visit with my Aunts and Uncles and even snuck in a visit with my cousin Cherie and her family, who also happen to live in MD and were in RI visiting her family.

I have had fun with my parents and spent time with each brother and their families.

Here is a picture of some beautifully decorated trees in Falmouth, MA.







I had to admit that this trip was all about company and visiting and not about knitting.

When we were here for Thanksgiving, we stayed one night with my brother Matt, who happens to have 4 beautiful chickens and I had wanted to take a picture of them and forgot, so here they are.  Their eggs are delicious…!  These ladies have been named by me niece Sarah.  May I present, Charity, Noble, Jingle, and Hope!


We are expecting a heck of a snow storm on Thursday here in New England and I ask that you keep your fingers crossed that my flight leaves Providence Thursday at 6:15 pm.  I am missing my little guy and he is really upset that the snow is coming here and not back in MD.

If you want to track my misery and frustration tomorrow, I am sure that I will be tweeting from the airport.  You can find me on Twitter @YankeDyer.

Stay safe and warm,