Merry and Bright….


Hard to believe that is it this time of year again. Is it me of does it come faster and faster every year?

My mom sent me this heirloom via their Christmas card.  It belonged to my Memere and it now it hangs beautifully on our tree.  Good things…..

The weather has been wackadoodle for the last few days.  I’m talking temps around 70 and humidity.  A wee bit miserable.  Things will be cooler soon.

I finished baking the sugar cookies, and the Ricotta cookies today.  My favorite words at this time of the year are, add butter and sugar and cream together until fluffy!  I also thought that staying up  little late and wrapping might be a good idea, so I did that the other night.  I blocked my hat too before I went to bed because I want to take it with me on Saturday.

I think we dodged a doctor visit for our son, as it seems to be just a cold.  Everyone slept better last night, despite the warmth and the flannel sheets!

The groceries are in and all the gifts have arrived.

I want to wish you all the Merry of the Merriest and the Happy of the Happiest from my family to yours.




One response to “Merry and Bright….

  1. And you as well Michelle! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love, Sandy


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