Oh good grief….

The packages are still arriving and I do feel badly for all the folks that do the deliveries.  My packages  come with maps on them because our street is still not found on a GPS.  I call it living off the grid.

I finished my Happy Hat and my friend Paula added a tassel for me which I just adore.  The pattern is called Simple Beret by Hannah Fettig.  Of course now that it is finished we are expecting temps in the 60’s….Oh good grief is right.  It needs a bath and a 10″ plate to get that classic tam shape.  I would call this a successful test knit of our new Yankee Worsted, which will be debuting in our Etsy shop January 2014.


My son came down with a cold and it apparently called for ginger ale, ice cream, and popsicles.  He’s been a real pill as of late.  I am choosing to ignore him in lieu of what I would really like to do with him.

Last night my friend Betsy and I got together and knit and it was more of a visit than knitting for me.  I just crave adult company, it’s so sad.

Speaking of sad, it had been a rough year for several of my knitting friends.  There had been several unexpected deaths, horrible illnesses and diagnosis and I am thankful that they have a place where they can come and get away from the pain even if only for a few hours.  We are a tight group of great woman who have each others backs through good times and not so good times.

Be well my friends…



One response to “Oh good grief….

  1. love the hat! that yarn is so bright and cheerful without being obnoxious. Good job on ignoring your son (as opposed to other alternatives!)


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