Oh the weather outside is…..

Getting a bit on the balmy side.  Temperatures may reach 70 on Sunday.  Good to know that I will be baking with the windows open.

I hope that you all have been well.  So far so good here, although my son said his throat hurt this morning, but there was much to do, so I gave him some Advil and sent him to school.  I had wrapping to do and if I remember correctly last year, it was either him or the weather that messed me up shopping wise and I couldn’t have a repeat of that.  Not to worry, he didn’t have a fever or anything.

We were at the bus stop this morning and the song “I’ll be Home for Christmas” was on the radio and I started to cry.  Christmas for me just isn’t the same without company and lots of yummy food.  My hubby was checking the movies for Christmas Day and although we did that last year, it just makes me sad that we don’t dress up and visit family.  I will get to see my family after Christmas as I will be flying solo to Massachusetts to spend some quality time with my mom and dad.  I am really looking forward to that.

I just finished updating our Etsy shop for our BIG SALE starting at midnight.  If you are a knitter or crochet, this is a shop wide event!  Enjoy the savings!

I am just finishing my hat in Yankee Worsted and can’t wait to wear it.  It will get cold again eventually.  The sweater still needs sleeves, I’ve been watching Christmas movies at night with the family.

I am scaling back the baking this year as well.  Two kinds of cookies and that is about it.  I am still trying to decide what to make for Christmas dinner.  My boys keep saying lasagna, but I am kinda not feeling that.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I hope that your shopping is done and you are enjoying the season.

Merry, Merry,






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