Color me happy….

See, I told you I would be able to blog more with my new computer!!  Still getting the hang of the Mac vs PC issues, but we are getting there.  I have downloaded some knitting patterns and have NO IDEA where they have gone.  I’ll be on the hunt for them shortly.

Some of my knitting friends got on the Crazy Monkey Love band wagon and I had to dye more of this color for them and it just makes my heart happy.  It’s one of those colors where just looking at it makes me smile.

I grabbed a skein of my worsted and dyed it the same way, just for fun.  I was also thinking that I needed a hat.  Last year I knit the hubby 2 and the son 0, yes that’s a zero because he still isn’t knit worthy, and I grab those when I take the dog out and I was thinking about that skein of worsted and it totally wants to be a hat for ME.  Since the color makes me so happy, maybe it will make others happy to see it on my head.  I picked a dead Simple Beret by Hannah Fettig, and I love it because she designed it using 4 yarn weights, which is fabulous and I love a pattern with options.  Since the pattern is simple, the yarn will be the star of the show.  Winter can be dreary, the daylight short, why not have a hat that just perks you up better than Prozac!  That’s my plan and here is the yarn!IMG_2078

Happy Knitting!



One response to “Color me happy….

  1. This yarn is a happy one indeed!!


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