No snow, no school……

No problem!  Sounds very much like a Kenny Chesney song.  We had weather alerts and warnings and sadly as per the usual, zip, zilch, nada.  I was lucky enough to have hubby home too, which was good for the boy.  I had some dying to do and they went to the library to get out of my hair and all was fine.

I decided that I like  love the Crazy Monkey Love colorway so much that I grabbed a hank of worsted and made it happy in the above color and will knit myself a simple hat because the yarn will be doing all the lovely work.

I’ve been knitting on the sock at night because we have been playing catch up with the DVR and watching our favorite Christmas movies.  You know the ones, Elf, Christmas Vacation, Polar Express, and Home Alone just to name a few.  The first three I still love, but that Home Alone I could do without.  I happened to be at Target the other day and bought The Holiday for a mere $4.00.  I love a bargain!

I was also catching up on my magazines and found some great recipes and some other great ideas.  One I tried to buy last night, I was so excited until it came to the shipping.  What I wanted cost $12.00 then add $18.00 to ship it.  I was so ticked off that I cancelled it.  Stuff like that just totally ticks me off.  I also found an interesting recipe for Bacon Jam….!  I might try it.

My shopping is just about done.  I am going to clean the house and enjoy the baking portion of the season.  We will be staying put for Christmas, for which I am so thankful.

Have a great day wherever you may be!



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