Back to the sweater….

I am starting to feel rested from the Thanksgiving trip and actually went to the Mall this week and got the Christmas spirit  going, with huge savings, thank you very much!

I am fulfilling the last of my special orders from the open house and updating the Etsy shop before the dye pots are still for a bit so I can do some of the holiday things I love to do, like baking and wrapping.  I would also like to finish my beautiful sweater and hope to wear it my New Year’s.  I desperately want to say Christmas but I know that it’s just not possible so I why disappoint and put that kind of pressure on myself.

Since I have time to breathe again, I have been cruising Ravelry and again, I want to knit everything.  Stranded knitting is really calling to me…this will be a new skill.  I have a hat and mitten pattern that I am chomping at the bit to start.  Both are by Kate Davies and the pattern is Peerie Flooers.  So sweet and charming is this pattern that I get excited just looking at the pattern!  Must finish the sweater first.

I do have a sock in progress in a new Yankee Dyer colorway in Yankee Sole II, I call it Crazy Monkey Love and boy do I LOVE IT!!

IMG_2057Here it is in sock form.

photo-2I just adore how this is knitting up.  If you also love it and need to have it, we have some available in our Etsy shop.

Have a great day and stay warm!





One response to “Back to the sweater….

  1. I always look forward to reading your blog!!


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