A whirlwind indeed…

Greetings from Maryland!  We, well actually my hubby, drove approx. 13.5 hours Saturday to get us home.  At one point I was thinking that a hotel bed might be nice, but getting home was the goal only to find that the beds here had been stripped and left that way.  The drive really sucked, sorry no nice way to put it.  Conneticut is an absolute mess and a total “fly over state” as far as I am concerned.

Sunday I got the least amount of things done which really means that I went to the grocery store to get food so we wouldn’t starve and the rest of the day just sort of existing.  I did clean 3 bathrooms with whatever early morning energy I had.  The boys however, got all the Christmas crap stuff  out and proceeded to decorate the whole house.  I got accused of not being in the Christmas spirit to which I replied, “could I just take a breath” before we jump into the next holiday?  This is apparently too much to ask!!  I still feel like I have a driving too long in the car hangover.

I knit on the car ride up and nothing really since.  The sock that I am knitting isn’t thrilling me.  I think that the yarn is so pretty and that the pattern is competing with that, so I will rip out and let the yarn do its thing, which is what my knitting brain was trying to tell me.

I will be happy to get back to my sweater which had to be set aside while preparing for the Open House and to big to qualify for car knitting.

I just realized that I didn’t take one single picture, not one!!  I guess I was too busy chatting and stuffing my face.  I’ll make it up to you…

New in our Etsy shop is Yankee DK in some lovely colors.  Do take a look if you are so inclined.  We are also offering free shipping, use code FREESHIP.

I am off to make progress somewhere…..




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