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I’m off……ALONE….

I hope that you are all still filled with the spirit of the season.  We had a lovely Christmas and I got over the “not having any company, feeling because I got to stay in my pajamas.   You know me and my pajamas, it’s just a match made in heaven.

I may have mentioned that my parents went to Iceland this Fall, and I told my mom to check out the yarn in the grocery store.  Not that I have been there, but others have seen this great phenomenon and I wanted mom and dad to see it.  Well, they surprised me with 4 beautiful skeins of Lopi yarn and a beautiful book of Icelandic Knitting including the history and some drop dead patterns.  Also under the tree was a knitters footrest that is really great for my knees and back and another great book, The Yarn Whisperer by Clara Parkes.  I perused Chapter 1 and already laughed out loud several times.  I’ll save that for when I get back.

Back you ask?  Yes, I am going ALONE to visit my parents.  I will be ALONE  at the airport.  I won’t have the restroom argument with the boy.  I will be ALONE on the plane, well, not really, but you get my drift.  If you are a parent who hasn’t been ALONE  in a long time, this is a precious gift.

What I have to look forward to is quality time with my parents, brothers and their families, my beautiful nieces and all to grown up nephew, he’s 13….I try to be cool, I really do.  I will get some quality time with my Aunt and Uncle and a few friends.  I will also be getting a massage.  Since I am leaving with some sort of kink in my neck, this will be most enjoyed.  There will be more food and no child asking me if I am asleep.  I am packing all sorts of wooly items because it’s going to be cold.  My new hat is coming with me as is my Romi Shawl that I did this summer.  It will be perfect for New Year’s Eve.

I am off to get things organized with the boys I am leaving at home.

I’m taking the laptop with me, so we will be in touch.

Have a happy day,



Secret Dye Project Reveal….

Happy day after Christmas!!  This is an unexpected post, but I couldn’t be happier to fire up the computer and share this with you all.

I told some of you that I was working on a TOP SECRET dying project for a major designer, but that’s ALL I could say.  Well, the project was for Laura Nelkin and you can see her blog about the project here.

Here are just a few of the details of why I was so busy.  I dyed more that 16,500 yards of yarn and handled that amount many times over.  Then I had to skein them into mini skeins of approx. 40 yds. each. It was a huge honor to be asked and I was thankful that I had the equipment to do it.  This is what the box looked like just before shipment to Laura….

IMG_1984It was lots of fun and I totally fell in love with these little guys and can’t wait to see what Laura has planned for them.

The year 2013 was a great one for The Yankee Dyer and I am looking forward to a wonderful 2014!



Merry and Bright….


Hard to believe that is it this time of year again. Is it me of does it come faster and faster every year?

My mom sent me this heirloom via their Christmas card.  It belonged to my Memere and it now it hangs beautifully on our tree.  Good things…..

The weather has been wackadoodle for the last few days.  I’m talking temps around 70 and humidity.  A wee bit miserable.  Things will be cooler soon.

I finished baking the sugar cookies, and the Ricotta cookies today.  My favorite words at this time of the year are, add butter and sugar and cream together until fluffy!  I also thought that staying up  little late and wrapping might be a good idea, so I did that the other night.  I blocked my hat too before I went to bed because I want to take it with me on Saturday.

I think we dodged a doctor visit for our son, as it seems to be just a cold.  Everyone slept better last night, despite the warmth and the flannel sheets!

The groceries are in and all the gifts have arrived.

I want to wish you all the Merry of the Merriest and the Happy of the Happiest from my family to yours.



Oh good grief….

The packages are still arriving and I do feel badly for all the folks that do the deliveries.  My packages  come with maps on them because our street is still not found on a GPS.  I call it living off the grid.

I finished my Happy Hat and my friend Paula added a tassel for me which I just adore.  The pattern is called Simple Beret by Hannah Fettig.  Of course now that it is finished we are expecting temps in the 60’s….Oh good grief is right.  It needs a bath and a 10″ plate to get that classic tam shape.  I would call this a successful test knit of our new Yankee Worsted, which will be debuting in our Etsy shop January 2014.


My son came down with a cold and it apparently called for ginger ale, ice cream, and popsicles.  He’s been a real pill as of late.  I am choosing to ignore him in lieu of what I would really like to do with him.

Last night my friend Betsy and I got together and knit and it was more of a visit than knitting for me.  I just crave adult company, it’s so sad.

Speaking of sad, it had been a rough year for several of my knitting friends.  There had been several unexpected deaths, horrible illnesses and diagnosis and I am thankful that they have a place where they can come and get away from the pain even if only for a few hours.  We are a tight group of great woman who have each others backs through good times and not so good times.

Be well my friends…


Oh the weather outside is…..

Getting a bit on the balmy side.  Temperatures may reach 70 on Sunday.  Good to know that I will be baking with the windows open.

I hope that you all have been well.  So far so good here, although my son said his throat hurt this morning, but there was much to do, so I gave him some Advil and sent him to school.  I had wrapping to do and if I remember correctly last year, it was either him or the weather that messed me up shopping wise and I couldn’t have a repeat of that.  Not to worry, he didn’t have a fever or anything.

We were at the bus stop this morning and the song “I’ll be Home for Christmas” was on the radio and I started to cry.  Christmas for me just isn’t the same without company and lots of yummy food.  My hubby was checking the movies for Christmas Day and although we did that last year, it just makes me sad that we don’t dress up and visit family.  I will get to see my family after Christmas as I will be flying solo to Massachusetts to spend some quality time with my mom and dad.  I am really looking forward to that.

I just finished updating our Etsy shop for our BIG SALE starting at midnight.  If you are a knitter or crochet, this is a shop wide event!  Enjoy the savings!

I am just finishing my hat in Yankee Worsted and can’t wait to wear it.  It will get cold again eventually.  The sweater still needs sleeves, I’ve been watching Christmas movies at night with the family.

I am scaling back the baking this year as well.  Two kinds of cookies and that is about it.  I am still trying to decide what to make for Christmas dinner.  My boys keep saying lasagna, but I am kinda not feeling that.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I hope that your shopping is done and you are enjoying the season.

Merry, Merry,





Color me happy….

See, I told you I would be able to blog more with my new computer!!  Still getting the hang of the Mac vs PC issues, but we are getting there.  I have downloaded some knitting patterns and have NO IDEA where they have gone.  I’ll be on the hunt for them shortly.

Some of my knitting friends got on the Crazy Monkey Love band wagon and I had to dye more of this color for them and it just makes my heart happy.  It’s one of those colors where just looking at it makes me smile.

I grabbed a skein of my worsted and dyed it the same way, just for fun.  I was also thinking that I needed a hat.  Last year I knit the hubby 2 and the son 0, yes that’s a zero because he still isn’t knit worthy, and I grab those when I take the dog out and I was thinking about that skein of worsted and it totally wants to be a hat for ME.  Since the color makes me so happy, maybe it will make others happy to see it on my head.  I picked a dead Simple Beret by Hannah Fettig, and I love it because she designed it using 4 yarn weights, which is fabulous and I love a pattern with options.  Since the pattern is simple, the yarn will be the star of the show.  Winter can be dreary, the daylight short, why not have a hat that just perks you up better than Prozac!  That’s my plan and here is the yarn!IMG_2078

Happy Knitting!


No snow, no school……

No problem!  Sounds very much like a Kenny Chesney song.  We had weather alerts and warnings and sadly as per the usual, zip, zilch, nada.  I was lucky enough to have hubby home too, which was good for the boy.  I had some dying to do and they went to the library to get out of my hair and all was fine.

I decided that I like  love the Crazy Monkey Love colorway so much that I grabbed a hank of worsted and made it happy in the above color and will knit myself a simple hat because the yarn will be doing all the lovely work.

I’ve been knitting on the sock at night because we have been playing catch up with the DVR and watching our favorite Christmas movies.  You know the ones, Elf, Christmas Vacation, Polar Express, and Home Alone just to name a few.  The first three I still love, but that Home Alone I could do without.  I happened to be at Target the other day and bought The Holiday for a mere $4.00.  I love a bargain!

I was also catching up on my magazines and found some great recipes and some other great ideas.  One I tried to buy last night, I was so excited until it came to the shipping.  What I wanted cost $12.00 then add $18.00 to ship it.  I was so ticked off that I cancelled it.  Stuff like that just totally ticks me off.  I also found an interesting recipe for Bacon Jam….!  I might try it.

My shopping is just about done.  I am going to clean the house and enjoy the baking portion of the season.  We will be staying put for Christmas, for which I am so thankful.

Have a great day wherever you may be!


Back to the sweater….

I am starting to feel rested from the Thanksgiving trip and actually went to the Mall this week and got the Christmas spirit  going, with huge savings, thank you very much!

I am fulfilling the last of my special orders from the open house and updating the Etsy shop before the dye pots are still for a bit so I can do some of the holiday things I love to do, like baking and wrapping.  I would also like to finish my beautiful sweater and hope to wear it my New Year’s.  I desperately want to say Christmas but I know that it’s just not possible so I why disappoint and put that kind of pressure on myself.

Since I have time to breathe again, I have been cruising Ravelry and again, I want to knit everything.  Stranded knitting is really calling to me…this will be a new skill.  I have a hat and mitten pattern that I am chomping at the bit to start.  Both are by Kate Davies and the pattern is Peerie Flooers.  So sweet and charming is this pattern that I get excited just looking at the pattern!  Must finish the sweater first.

I do have a sock in progress in a new Yankee Dyer colorway in Yankee Sole II, I call it Crazy Monkey Love and boy do I LOVE IT!!

IMG_2057Here it is in sock form.

photo-2I just adore how this is knitting up.  If you also love it and need to have it, we have some available in our Etsy shop.

Have a great day and stay warm!




A whirlwind indeed…

Greetings from Maryland!  We, well actually my hubby, drove approx. 13.5 hours Saturday to get us home.  At one point I was thinking that a hotel bed might be nice, but getting home was the goal only to find that the beds here had been stripped and left that way.  The drive really sucked, sorry no nice way to put it.  Conneticut is an absolute mess and a total “fly over state” as far as I am concerned.

Sunday I got the least amount of things done which really means that I went to the grocery store to get food so we wouldn’t starve and the rest of the day just sort of existing.  I did clean 3 bathrooms with whatever early morning energy I had.  The boys however, got all the Christmas crap stuff  out and proceeded to decorate the whole house.  I got accused of not being in the Christmas spirit to which I replied, “could I just take a breath” before we jump into the next holiday?  This is apparently too much to ask!!  I still feel like I have a driving too long in the car hangover.

I knit on the car ride up and nothing really since.  The sock that I am knitting isn’t thrilling me.  I think that the yarn is so pretty and that the pattern is competing with that, so I will rip out and let the yarn do its thing, which is what my knitting brain was trying to tell me.

I will be happy to get back to my sweater which had to be set aside while preparing for the Open House and to big to qualify for car knitting.

I just realized that I didn’t take one single picture, not one!!  I guess I was too busy chatting and stuffing my face.  I’ll make it up to you…

New in our Etsy shop is Yankee DK in some lovely colors.  Do take a look if you are so inclined.  We are also offering free shipping, use code FREESHIP.

I am off to make progress somewhere…..