Lack of a computer…

Hello to all you fine folks! 

I have been absent for many reasons, all of them good.  I am having a Holiday Open House this weekend and there was LOTS to do and that came on the heels of a super secret dying project, so I have been buried in yarn and up to my elbows in the dye pots.  I will be having a HUGE Etsy update sometime on Monday.  I have some great new colors that I just adore and am at this moment casting on for a pair of socks.

Due to the nature of my life this last month of so, and a complete lack of a computer, blogging just couldn’t happen.  Hubby would bring his home at night but by the time I would sit down the odds were that I would close my eyes.

The computer is at Dell getting a new hard drive.  Just so you know, I attempted a blog post one morning while eating breakfast on my Kindle but it was a complete pain in the you know what.

I will be in possession of a new to me Mac laptop later next week courtesy of my very generous father in law.  I may weep when he gives it to me.  I have to keep him supplied with my homemade biscotti….a sweet deal, you bet!

We leave on Tuesday for Massachusetts and though I look forward to seeing family, the drive, not so much.  Last year I knit a hat for the hubby on the drive and it kept me a happy passenger, so I think I will dive into my stash and knit a hat for myself on the way and I will have these socks to alternate with just in case.  The son is still not yet knit worthy.

I just wanted to let you know that I am still here and still knitting!  The next time we meet, I will have pictures.  Yay!

An early Happy Gobble, Gobble Day to you all!!




One response to “Lack of a computer…

  1. “not knit worthy”–I love it! Have a great holiday, Michelle, you’re earned a little downtime.


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