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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Greetings from Massachusetts and my new laptop!!  I am doing the happy dance, you just can’t see me!!

We traveled in that horrible storm and made it here safe and sound but with a few more gray hairs.  Connecticut is the absolute worst state for traffic.  We crashed at a hotel in New London on Tuesday night after complete frustration with the sea of red brake lights and got some much needed rest.

Today we gathered with my husband’s side of the family and had lots of great food and wonderful company.  All the kids are bigger and cuter, as if that’s possible, but they are.

Tomorrow we have a couple of errands to do in the morning and then we head to Cape Cod to see my family.  Been missing my mom like crazy and I can’t wait to see my brother’s chickens and eat an omelet with fresh eggs.  We don’t have much time on the Cape, just about a day before we turn the car around and head south.  I like to get home so we can get some rest before the work/school week begins.

So you can expect more blog post on a more regular basis.  I have missed sharing what’s going on here, especially with the dye pots .

I hope this post finds you happy and healthy and most likely full of turkey!

Gobble Gobble….until next time,



Lack of a computer…

Hello to all you fine folks! 

I have been absent for many reasons, all of them good.  I am having a Holiday Open House this weekend and there was LOTS to do and that came on the heels of a super secret dying project, so I have been buried in yarn and up to my elbows in the dye pots.  I will be having a HUGE Etsy update sometime on Monday.  I have some great new colors that I just adore and am at this moment casting on for a pair of socks.

Due to the nature of my life this last month of so, and a complete lack of a computer, blogging just couldn’t happen.  Hubby would bring his home at night but by the time I would sit down the odds were that I would close my eyes.

The computer is at Dell getting a new hard drive.  Just so you know, I attempted a blog post one morning while eating breakfast on my Kindle but it was a complete pain in the you know what.

I will be in possession of a new to me Mac laptop later next week courtesy of my very generous father in law.  I may weep when he gives it to me.  I have to keep him supplied with my homemade biscotti….a sweet deal, you bet!

We leave on Tuesday for Massachusetts and though I look forward to seeing family, the drive, not so much.  Last year I knit a hat for the hubby on the drive and it kept me a happy passenger, so I think I will dive into my stash and knit a hat for myself on the way and I will have these socks to alternate with just in case.  The son is still not yet knit worthy.

I just wanted to let you know that I am still here and still knitting!  The next time we meet, I will have pictures.  Yay!

An early Happy Gobble, Gobble Day to you all!!



Sole meet your Solemate….

I have had the craziest couple of weeks.  Someone hacked into our eBay account and attempted to purchase a $4000 camera and that was a real mess to deal with.  Of course I alerted all the proper authorities, eBay, PayPal and the bank.  This is the fourth time we have been hit in 10 months and I had to change banks.  Then the laptop decided that it no longer wanted to work for no apparent reason.  You know sometimes you get little warning signs, we had none of that, so off I went to the Geek Squad and I’m praying.

Well, I guess I didn’t pray hard enough, the hard drive is toast.  The computer is only 15 months old.  I was at knit night when my hubby texted me the news.  I was totally bummed and then the panic set in and it set in good!  I started to think about what was on that computer.  All my knitting patterns….BIG SIGH….., all my business stuff…..BIGGER SIGH….., all my pictures……TEARS!!  I have been a mess for the last 2 weeks.

I did finish that sock and wanted to attach a picture, but I am using my hubby’s laptop and the government freaks if you upload anything.  If you are on Ravelry, my user name is malightbown and friend me and check out my finished socks.

The sweater is fabulous and I can’t wait to wear it.  Knitting on the button bands and will start the sleeves today.

I also finished the BIG SECRET DYING project and shipped it on Saturday.  It was a ton of work but I got it done and am really happy with what I have accomplished.

I just wanted to let you know that I am still here, just really busy and technically challenged at the moment! 

I hope that you all are well and happy!

Knit on Friends,