After the blocking…..

Friday already….the weeks are going faster and faster.  Today my hubby was home in honor or our 16th wedding anniversary.  We were going to have a little day trip but our son left for school not feeling great but not wanting to stay home earlier.  I told hubby that staying close to home might be a good idea and we headed out to an anniversary breakfast and errands.  Sure enough, around 2:00 the phone rang and it was the school nurse telling us that Bryce was warm.  So here I sit next to him blogging to you!

My sweater blocked beautifully!!  Only after I had it rolled in the last towel did I realize that I had never blocked a top-down anything!  There were schematics and I had my new blocking board but I felt unsure.  My friend Sandy was very kind and patient and talked me through it over the phone….did I mention PATIENT!!!  I left it alone for the blocking magic to happen because I swear if you stand there and watch, it won’t happen.  I had to close off the room because the dog and cat seemed drawn to damp wool.

I removed it from the board on Thursday after Sandy texted me asking to see the results.  I was in the middle of dying yarn and told her I would run upstairs and throw on a bra and shirt and try on the sweater.  It was breathtaking until you got to the “girls” and then it was a bit of a lip biter.  It is a cardigan and I don’t usually button them in that area, but still, it wasn’t quite right.  Sandy and I will be consulting tomorrow.  Really, the solution in a boob reduction and liposuction and exercise.  I’ll keep you posted on what is decided, so stay tuned!

I also had a strange dying dilemma that I been dealing with over the last couple of weeks and I had consulted with professionals and even the chemist at Jaquard and we are all pretty stumped.  Since the chemist couldn’t figure it out, he’s blaming it on a “baaad sheep”, which had me laughing.  I will be sending samples off to them for analysis.  I will be interested in what they uncover.  My brain hurts from all that I have been trying to figure out but I am happy to report that it was not end-user error.

I hope your weekend is full of wonderful things!  I hope that my little man is feeling better soon.

I have added some new colors in our Etsy shop!!

Keep those needles moving….!




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