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After the blocking…..

Friday already….the weeks are going faster and faster.  Today my hubby was home in honor or our 16th wedding anniversary.  We were going to have a little day trip but our son left for school not feeling great but not wanting to stay home earlier.  I told hubby that staying close to home might be a good idea and we headed out to an anniversary breakfast and errands.  Sure enough, around 2:00 the phone rang and it was the school nurse telling us that Bryce was warm.  So here I sit next to him blogging to you!

My sweater blocked beautifully!!  Only after I had it rolled in the last towel did I realize that I had never blocked a top-down anything!  There were schematics and I had my new blocking board but I felt unsure.  My friend Sandy was very kind and patient and talked me through it over the phone….did I mention PATIENT!!!  I left it alone for the blocking magic to happen because I swear if you stand there and watch, it won’t happen.  I had to close off the room because the dog and cat seemed drawn to damp wool.

I removed it from the board on Thursday after Sandy texted me asking to see the results.  I was in the middle of dying yarn and told her I would run upstairs and throw on a bra and shirt and try on the sweater.  It was breathtaking until you got to the “girls” and then it was a bit of a lip biter.  It is a cardigan and I don’t usually button them in that area, but still, it wasn’t quite right.  Sandy and I will be consulting tomorrow.  Really, the solution in a boob reduction and liposuction and exercise.  I’ll keep you posted on what is decided, so stay tuned!

I also had a strange dying dilemma that I been dealing with over the last couple of weeks and I had consulted with professionals and even the chemist at Jaquard and we are all pretty stumped.  Since the chemist couldn’t figure it out, he’s blaming it on a “baaad sheep”, which had me laughing.  I will be sending samples off to them for analysis.  I will be interested in what they uncover.  My brain hurts from all that I have been trying to figure out but I am happy to report that it was not end-user error.

I hope your weekend is full of wonderful things!  I hope that my little man is feeling better soon.

I have added some new colors in our Etsy shop!!

Keep those needles moving….!




Cables and Lace…

Wow, I have been gone for a bit.  Best of intentions on doing a blog post, but I have failed.

I am back for a bit in between making the yarn pretty and my secret project and knitting my first top down sweater!  I am also doing it in a new Yankee Dyer base, Yankee Worsted.  It has a lovely hand this yarn and I have been in love while knitting the sweater.  The pattern is from Tanis Gray and it is called Market Jacket.  Like I said, this is my first experience with a top down construction and I found the directions to be a bit vague.  But with help of another more experienced knitter, success can be had.  My helper and I made some mods to the pattern.  As the yarn-over increases looked pretty, they didn’t provide the structure I thought the sleeves needed.  We also opted for a long-tail cast-on instead of a provisional cast-on as this will give the collar more stability and I am making the sleeves longer.  I adore how this has come out so far.  I have reached the garter edging and am a row away from binding off.  Here is a picture of me trying it on yesterday to check the length.  I have added and 1.5 garter edge to this length.  As soon as I bind off and before the sleeves are done, I will be blocking the body and opening up the lace and cables.


I just adore the color and have named it Chai Latte.  Yankee Worsted in 100% wool and spit splices like a dream.  I see another in a Charcoal color perhaps!

I am still working on the mate to that lonely sole of a sock and am making progress.  I am at the gusset and should be turning the heel while this sweater is blocking.

I also have to tell you that this is my “Baseball Play-Off Sweater”.  I am a HUGE Red Sox fan and the playoffs with Detroit were long and boring for the most part and this sweater just flew off the needles.  It also flew off my lap for several grand slams.  I love October baseball, especially when the Boston Red Sox are headed to the World Series.  Maybe I should start a sweater for that??  Oh the possibilities!!

See you after the blocking!!