The Weekend….


This comes to you from the land of chaos!

As I sit here at my island typing this, there is my sectional sofa in the kitchen with me as well and a confused dog and a chair in the hallway.  I feel a tad trapped.  I am sure you guessed by now that we are in the midst of carpet cleaning!

I tried to carry on as usual, but it just wasn’t possible.  I got the dyes out and thought that this would calm me, not so much.  Away all of that went.

I thought I should pay some attention to my special dying project and had to pull things apart in that room and there are boxes and yarn and I decided that this did nothing for me either.

Yesterday I attempted a new project, but a migraine foiled my ability to read a pattern and comprehend it.  I don’t feel too bad because there are others on Ravelry who think it is a bit confusing too!  I am in good company.

I am headed upstairs to yet another mess and when I clean off my chair, I am going to sit my butt in it and watch a movie and knit on a sock.  You know the one without its’ mate.

On the upside, my parents leave for Iceland this afternoon and I wish them a wonderful trip!

See you when things are back to normal.  I mean really, define NORMAL???

This is the color of my sweater.  The color has yet to be named.  What do you think?


Happy Sunday!



3 responses to “The Weekend….

  1. Love your blog. Hope headache went away. Color yarn is so beautiful, looks like honey to me! or honeywheat !


  2. How about Pumpkin Spice or Autumn Leaves or Rusty Ewe….

    Doesn’t matter. I love the color no matter what its name!


  3. How about “butterscotch” for a name.


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