Holy Cardigan…..

Wow, what a morning!  I usually get on the computer while eating my breakfast and of course, I head to Ravelry to see what’s what in the knitting world today.  Well, today was a big day for Twist Collective and Brooklyn Tweed as they released their Fall 2013 must knits!!  I sat there and drooled for a good 45 minutes, faving and queing cardigans!  This is especially exciting because I just received some worsted weight yarn to dye.  I think it just might be MINE!


I am in a cardigan frame of mind.  I immediately fell in love with a gorgeous cardi by Amy Herzog, pattern is Literati on Twist Collective and immediately bought the pattern!  I already have the buttons from my trip this summer.

I have been knitting shawls for the last couple of years and I still adore them, I just need something meatier to work on and this sweater is exactly what I wanted.  I just ordered some Aran weight yarn that I will dye for myself.  Yes, I will embark on some selfish knitting.

As I type this post, it is 87 degrees out, but it will get colder and a new sweater will be needed.

So what has you excited?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Knitting,



2 responses to “Holy Cardigan…..

  1. What a lovely cardy!!! I might buy the pattern too. You go girl and do some selfish kniiting 🙂 ! Love, Alexandra.


  2. its gonna be 90 here today…. Can.Not.Wait. for the cooler weather!!!!


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